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Peek-A-Boo! I see You!

From belly, bump, birth, baby, boob-feeding, babywearing, bing bang bong (fun) to a beeline of parental exploration, experience, mistakes and more. In short, a collection of our joy with cheeky Austin!

Oh My, it's you!


article thumbnailHow To Dock (Park) A Plasma Car

For folks who own at least one or more plasma cars at home, you might be thinking of a good option to park these toy cars and this post is dedicated to you.
Inspired by the process of how to dock a  [ ... ]

article thumbnailFootball Fever | Ola Bola - My First Movie

If you're looking for the true meaning of grit and giving, Ola Bola movie is a must watch even one is not a fan of football. I believe one can easily falls in love with this sport that once upon a tim [ ... ]

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