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Dear Austin,

Mommy was pretty busy over the weekend. Thinking of getting you some lovely cupcakes for your first birthday, mommy did a bit of research to find the best cupcakes in town. Best includes presentation, reasonably priced and of course the one that tempts our palate as well.

After a few text messages and emails, mommy found Groupon offered a pretty good deal - only RM45 for 12 pieces of pretty cupcakes! Without much hesitant, mommy clicked to purchase 12 cupcakes instantaneously. While happily saving the soft copy of the voucher, then mommy read thoroughly the fine print on how to claim the deal. What a big blunder that mommy had made, the deal is NOT valid until 20 Oct 2011! What?

Well, the above happened on last Friday afternoon. By the evening, mommy decided that perhaps this is the sign that mommy shall bake the cupcakes for Austin instead of getting them. The thought and sincerity that counts, right? Mommy had been baking good muffins, why not muffins and decorate them so they will turn out like the brothers to the cupcakes :D

See how mommy messed up with them?
A tiny tiger or a cat, the deco on cupcake
Savory 'sugar paste'
Cupcake deco - mommy
Yeah, they are obviously not in good shapes! But momma believe in practice makes perfect!

Crazy with muffins but still very much in love with you,


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