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If you're looking for the great places to jog or run with a stroller in Penang, this post is made for you! Revealed some of the best kept secrets to do it in Penang, I doubt anyone had ever shared such a list before either online or offline. If you found one, it must be backdated :). Walk through things to consider before running with a stroller and be ready to hit the track!
Penang Ayer Itam Dam
1. Penang Botanic Gardens
The parent's choice. Favorite for its greenery, cleanliness and safety. Plentiful options for your kids to wander and play in-between, be it a public park. Shady paths though not all the way. Offered with different gradient at which makes running more fun instead of monotonous. The 'bang bang bang' from shooting club nearby sometimes spoils its natural appeal to our ears though.

2. Ayer Itam Dam
This is the best kept secret to relax and inhale the freshest air on the island. Even many locals do not know such a beautiful place in nature exists. Not over crowded even on weekends, Ayer Itam Dam is nestled on the peaks of Penang with a sight of water, skyline of George Town (KOMTAR) and lush greenery. The first dam in Penang, one complete paved loop around Ayer Itam Dam is about 2.8 km. The tarmac pathway is not smooth for small wheels at some stretch, open to small adventures for little ones. With the hilly terrain, expect a roller coaster run. To avoid the traffic on private property next to the dam, we usually run from the dam entrance, do a half loop run in anti-clockwise. Pretty shady paths after the 'waterfall'.

How to get there? Get yourself on Jalan Balik Pulau near Ayer Itam Wet Market - the same winding road heading up to Kek Lok Si Temple and Bronze Goddess of Mercy (Guan Yin). Continue uphill for next 1-2 km, you will be welcomed with Ayer Itam Dam (or Empangan Ayer Itam) signposts and the luxury of nature soon after. GPS Coordinates: 5.398897,100.271358.

3. Pedestrian stretch on Gurney Drive
A place that does not need further introduction. Overlooking the waterfront, sea breeze is the best reward! If you are doing it here every morning for conveniance sake, tell us more about it!

4. Pedestrian stretch on Esplanade - Padang Kota Lama
The elder's version of Gurney Drive, this spot is aging like wine. The older, the better. Blended with historical charm (Fort Cornwallis and E&O Hotel) and sea breeze, though only a short stretch but a pretty one! Armed with kites or bikes, hit the huge field with your kids is an absolute fun and end with Penang-style breakfast or brunch in George Town.

5. Promenade - near Nautilus Bay Residential on Lebuh Sungai Pinang 4 & 5.
A stretch over 3.2 km water front, with a fantastic sight of Penang bridge and mainland. The downside is the on going construction and a mountain of trash not far from this reclaimed green lung. No crowded, you practically can own the whole quiet track of water front. Legitimate venue for biking.
Penang Promenade at Lebuh Sungai Pinang 5

How to get there? Click here for Google Map or GPS Coordinates: 5.39832,100.328597

6. Taman Sri Nibong Public Park & Playground - behind Krystal Suites
Pretty sizable neighborhood park, well-maintained, there is a running track circling this Taman Sri Nibung residential's garden and children's playground. The outer loop is the shoulder of road. The inner loop is stacked with red bricks thus slightly bumpy, favored for a quickie serving particularly the fitness fans within Bayan Baru vicinity.

How to get there? Click here for Google Map or GPS Coordinates: 5.343437,100.31324

7. Teluk Bahang Dam
Do it early in the morning or late evening to avoid the perpetual summer in Penang. An escapade from bustling city and natural surrounding, the track however is a bit short for avid runners. Open and rub on sun block!

8. Jogging Track at Straits Quay - Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang
This location is still a question mark, thus the title of this post is 7 Places For Running With A Stroller in Penang and not 8. If my memory serves me right, I had read there is a waterfront track that runs over 3 km overlooking the Straits of Malacca near Strait Quay. Perhaps not existence, neither have I explored before. Please tell us more if you do have information. Thanks!

p.s. I am not providing directions for all the above places considering some are pretty 'famous' spots. If you need directions, please leave me a note :)


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