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Dear God,

J111116 For the past few days, Austin has been showing his rebel on his meals.  Lately, when I am trying to spoon him, he instantaneously raises up his lower arm,  blocking my feeding spoon to reach his mouth. At first, I thought he dislikes the new food I introduced, so I went back serving him what he has been used to. Still, no progression. One good reason that we can think of is sore mouth due to teething.

This morning, he refused to be placed into his high chair for breakfast. Morning nap was surprisingly brief, refusing to continue despite I tried to accompany him on bed.

It went to worst after he spilt a new, unwrapped bottle of shower cream. I couldn't imagine how this little explorer could smear more than 300ml on the floor! I had no choice but had to bath him for second time. His hands, shirts, pants, ankles and most parts of his body were layered with the silky gel!

After showering him, I returned to my third attempt, cooking curry chicken. While I was stewing the chicken, I tried to clean up the mess.

At first Austin was pretty occupied at his play yard in middle hall, until he heard water splashing, he rushed in to check on me. Trying his best to help, he almost stepped into the casualty zone. I shooed him out, he was unhappy and screamed his heart out!

Cleaning up was settled, the next on the list was to cool down my little man. Turned on his favorite show did not help much, instead he wanted to be held. He started to calm down as he snuggled into my arms.

Fifteen minutes past and I thought, he was pretty settled and ready for lunch. I was wrong! Here he came back again, refusing high chair and that meant refusing lunch as well. Trying to control his tantrums, I placed him down but I went ahead with my lunch. He chose to get near me, whining expressing his anxiety and sorrow. I hugged him then tried to place him into high chair. He retaliated. No choice, I placed him down on the floor again. Repeated several times, I was so exhausted at the same time loosing my patience. He consistently rejected my gesture so I decided lunch should be postponed judging from his mood. Honestly, I was upset.

With the ultimate strategy (that never fail so far to comfort him), I held him taking him into bedroom, nursed him to sleep. I hope all he wanted was a good nap!

Desperate for Your blessing,
Austin's momma


God’s reply: Tough times never last, tough people do


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