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Dear Austin,

This morning, mommy asked daddy why is there redness on your left ankle. Are the socks too small for you? After mommy took off your long pants, there was an answer. Round red spots are vivid, not one, not two, not three...there are so many occupying area on your little calves, knees, thighs and ankles. It seems last night, there were some intruders in our bedroom!

When mommy was going to take you for morning bath, phew...there were even more red spots found, at least another three were found near the abdomen. And on your face  and neck too. Summing up, you got at least a dozen kisses from the unwelcome female guests. My poor boy!

This is your worst battle with the blood sucker(s) so far. You slept in an air-conditioned room and still being attacked. You slept in non air-conditioned room before and never got as many as last night. Perhaps last few nights, we left a tiny cleft on the door when we sneaked out for the Korean drama - Bread, Dream and Love. No thanks to the kaput baby monitor :( Only if it still works, you would enjoy in dreamland and there would be no mosquito party.

Sorry that you have to suffer through the itch and discomfort. Anyway, this is part and parcel of growing up, right? Cheer up my boy!


Half a dozen? I am lost at counting...

Mosquito bites on Baby face



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