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A letter from Austin dedicated to Daddy while you were away...

Dearest Daddy,

I can't imagine what it is an oversea assignment. Neither I understand what it means when you asked me to guard the fort! It is too complicated for me.

What I know was I did not see you at dining table for several days. You didn't come home when the sky turns dark. Neither you feed nor bath me before going to bed. No story telling, no prayer, no rhymes from you. In fact, there was no voice of yours at all.

LJ_200412 Everything went well as I thought. Mommy and I went out to meet old friends and chatted for hours over a cuppa. She had her routine exercise at Promenade and Botanical Garden while I had my great rides in stroller. I napped on time and I did pretty well over my 3-meal a day whilst Mommy had a more luxurious selection including pasta, wanton noodles, Hokkien mee, curry chicken, Subways, etc. I keep looking at what she has on dining table but she still doesn't get the hint! I know Mommy got her work done too while I was sleeping.

On the Easter weekend, it was fun because Gong-gong and Por-por were around. We went out for high tea. I was too excited flipping the menu until it dropped on the floor. Gong-gong swiftly bent to pick it up, alas when he got up he hit the sharp corner of the adjacent table until bleeding. I felt so bad. If it was not because of me, Gong-gong would not get wounded. I am truly sorry Gong-gong!

So many days had passed yet I still didn't see Daddy. I started wondering why Daddy is not longer at home. What happen to Daddy? Where did Daddy go?  When Daddy will come home? I keep pestering Mommy, asking for an answer but her response was "What are you trying to tell Mommy, Austin?". Sigh!! I must learn to her language since she doesn't understand mine at all. 

Whenever I want to 'see' Daddy these days, I will go to the glass cabinet to 'look' at him. He is always here. I am happy seeing him smiling at me and being polite, I always smile back! Lately, I also 'see' Daddy on a small TV. He is like a movie star. You know, Daddy called my name 'Austin'!! It means he didn't forget me. He sings for me almost everyday when we 'meet' then spending some time chatting with Mommy. 

I started to understand that people can disappear, that means they can go missing. I feel worried that Mommy will go missing too one day. Then, I will be left alone. Whenever Mommy is out of my sight, I round to ensure she is still within my reach. If not, I will yell so that she can hear me. I found that I can't focus on my play as much as I wanted to. I don't like to sleep by myself too, I feel insecure. I want Mommy to stay beside me. I also don't have huge appetite, perhaps all these due to my anxiety. I wanted to tell Mommy but alas she would reply again, "Austin, what are you trying to tell Mommy?". I hope she understands that I am not trying to be fussy but I really don't like the feeling that Daddy is some sort like 'missing'. 

Do you know that a week day ago, something strange happened. Our house was jerked and shaken, as if we were on a trampoline! I looked at Mommy and she reciprocated with a stern look. No smile instead anxious. Then, Mommy rushed me out from our house without my pants and my shoes on. Strange, unlike Mommy that I know. We stayed outdoor for about an hour before returning home. I was enjoying myself, running on grass but Mommy was very strict that day. Later, I found out it was earthquake. What is an earthquake Daddy?

Daddy, I have so many questions for you. I want to hug you. I want to play with you. I love you. I miss you much. Please come home, I hope to see you soon!

p.s. I heard from Mommy that you're coming home tonight. What a relief to be off duty as the man of the house! Hope this letter will reach you in time.


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