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Dear Santa,

This coming 25th is going to be my second Christmas on earth. Last year, I was still tiny and I did not know about Santa. I heard from momma that Santa drops presents for every kid through the chimney.
This year is I am no longer a baby. I am toddler, I can walk and I am going to get more teeth!

Santa, all I want for Christmas is my four front teeth! Recently, a few pearly white stuff erupted, cutting my gums and this is indeed unpleasant. I could hardly chew the food with sore gums and jaws. I want to quickly get this over with so that I could enjoy eating and my parents do not need to puree my food anymore. I want to take more variety of food, I want to try ice-cream too!

Christmas is a celebration of gifts and giving. I believe your red suit will do a lot of magic to give what I want. Thank you very much Santa. 

Merry Christmas!

Yours truly,

Mommy said you knows all the best toy makers. Please ask them to produce more wheels. Everything that could rotate, spin, roll and run away like the ‘O’!


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