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Every year, Austin never fails to surprise me with something on Mother's Day. Thanks to the playschool teachers who are the faithful reminder to the kids on the special days throughout the year.

This year, here is the story. One evening in May after dinner, Austin just stood in front of me as I was sitting down on sofa to unwind. He then began to deliver a song. Too bad, I had to ask him to repeat a least twice, so that I could at least get a fair bit of its lyrics. Oh, it was a very touching song that I actually had to ask my Chinese-literate friend for translation. Haha..This is how good my Chinese language is. She was so kind to share that song in YouTube. I bet if you understood Chinese, this beautiful lovely lyrics and melody is likely to make your eyes wet, recollecting how much our mothers had and have been sacrificing for us throughout the years. 

Mother's Day Song:

Mother is a large tree
I am the little worm (that lives) on the large tree
Everyday I am eating leaves on the large tree on

However, Mother never says a word (or complaint)

Despite of that, everyday Mother never stops producing new leaves
To makes me (little worm) stronger
Thank you Mother!

People say things that makes you happy are usually free. Free in the sense at no cost. Absolutely right! Honestly, I was on top of the world hearing this song and receiving the little pinky note. Know why it is pink? To Austin, pink is a girl's color, hence the message was written on pink paper. Haha!
Mother's Day Note 
Thank you Austin for letting me, seeing and appreciating the simple joy in life!


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