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Home TRAVELING Outing A Walk In George Town – The Latest Happening @ Beach Street

For the benefit of Penang folks that have side-lined George Town for whatever excuses, let me share a reason why you have to squeeze out some time to stroll along alleys and streets of this quaint town once in a while. In my case, I was prompted to take a drive to Downtown after seeing an image of giant snake and ladder board game running on the banking street on Facebook. Yes, I have to admit that our family can be quite ‘sua-ku’ (out dated) since most of our time are spent playing with our cheeky preschooler - Austin. And honestly, we are proud to play non stop.

Riding on the theme of fun, I insisted that we had to head to George Town on a Sunday morning.

We arrived without much information, trying to be smart since we are the locals so we drove straight, through Weld Quay then passed Victoria Clock roundabout, and we noticed Beach Street was blocked and indeed occupied. As such, we cruised further and turned left into Penang Street, parked in front of our favorite eatery – Water Drop Vegetarian Restaurant.

From here, we strolled towards to the crowd while Austin insisted that he wanted to be seated in stroller. Fine. The first clue that we were getting closer to happening place was folks in bikes. Biking is indeed contagious, it’s also ‘touristy’ in the sense that the locals turn to be tourists to enjoy the fun of riding :). Solo bike, tandem bikes and even the multiple kind that can take the whole family! And they are with shielded on top, similar to the traditional Penang trishaw. This is perhaps the latest craze in town, trust me!

The smell of morning air was great, without exhaust fumes in the atmosphere. This is something I appreciate when it comes to ‘No Car Day’ on Sunday in Penang. People – yes, just a nice number, not a total madness that would turn us away. We still could see the street, ample spots to even rock and roll. As we stopped to see the first street game, Austin started to shriek “I want to go home!”. Oh dear! Here we were and how could he be so insensible of the fun? I was thinking “we had just started and I wanted to stay on”. So, we had to convinced him to be with us. Offering him biscuits didn’t seem to work, so we moved on to the next ‘show’ – traditional massage.

“You see – what are these folks doing?”

With a knife on each hand, the backs of seated folks were offered to be chopped? NO! This was the ancient arts of knives massage therapy :).

Keep up – let’s keep the feathers floating in the air!


A traditional kitchen cabinet, occupying almost every household of Baba and Nyonya.

Things were getting more interesting, especially with loud contemporary music in the air. I thought this was planned as a heritage street? Apparently, it is not. Teens to kids, these rollerbladers were balancing, sliding and cruising effortlessly down the street, good sports showmanship in addition to entertaining element that stole the show!

Further down the street finally, we met our ultimate goal – The Giant Snake and Ladder. Right opposite OCBC at Beach Street, Austin in the end decided to get out of stroller and started to step on all his favorite numbers – counting up from 1, stealing an occasional chances to toss the super large dice although he wasn’t really engage in the game :).
It’s my turn…let me toss it!!

As always, a great lunch treat to wrap up our walk in George Town!


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