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Not a surprise if one could hardly find the parent’s perspective on how great the amusement parks are in Malaysia? Aren’t these the homeland to our kids? Or the big kids because they earn wages and pay the fees :) OK, I am not going to bore you with the play or ride for big people, so let’s zoom into the kid-friendly sanctuary.
Being there on the first weekend in Dec 2011, we had the luxury to visit the Petting Zoo. This little oasis is made for everyone, with Ruby greeting you as you walk in. Stroke, pat or spoil her, Ruby is a raccoon and search for her friends in the glassed-cage. Tiny stream lies ahead for the little ones. Trust me, really tiny so it is safe even for toddler. Scooping nets and pails are ready for our little fishers. Good chance to wade water and chase after a school of fish. Reptiles and birds are living in wild and get your tykes thrilled feeding peacocks or parrots.   
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Swan Lake is alright for school kids or tweens but swan boat-paddling is wise to be accompanied by an adult. 

Tin Valley is highly recommended for toddlers and above. The space is huge and preschoolers would love the stone elephant ‘ride’. The school age kids can learn about how Tambun got its name and tin mining history as well as hands-on ‘mendulang’ or panning tin with a wooden tray and take home the tin they found!

Tiger Valley? Aside from watching a couple of big cats afar, I would prefer to let my kids to explore Kepura Cave. Not too big, neither too small, it offers a first spelunking experience for preschoolers. Put all the senses at work simultaneously - listen to the echo, touch the limestone, sniff the cool air and learn to ‘see’ in darkness. Of course enter with a parent’s guidance. 
Amusement park is not made solely for small kids, hence check the height requisite for each ride. I guess Merry-go-around is the safest to tackle for preschoolers onwards but the rest, I would recommend only for tweens and teens.


Getting wet is a must for every kid. Floating on freaky river sounds great for tweens but keep them within sight. Go with them. Tube raiders? This is reserved for older kids and the brave ones. Not every soul dares even the big kids. Saphira’s Baby pool in the hot spring tub provides a shallow spot for bigger children. Nonetheless, take a slow approach to introduce them the heated tubs. Some kids prefer to invade the cooler water - wave pool or exploratory bay area. Screams, splashes, giggles and laughter, how we wish the Kid’s Explorabay occupies a larger ground. With the perpetual raining mushrooms, slides and slopes, this was the only spot that my tot never wanted to get out from. Make sure, you head on this the last of all! Otherwise, you might regret of not seeing other attractions (like my friend) but not your kids :D

To my delight, Lost World of Tambun is a breastfeeding friendly park. There is a dedicated baby room (next to bathroom) for direct breastfeeding, diapering and stuff. A decent size, dimly lit, a couple steel chairs and a wall fan in service :)

Happy exploring!

p.s. Enough for the kids, looking for fun stuff for big kids in Lost World? Check out here.


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