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Everyone knows about LEGO pieces and blocks. And I bet nowadays kids are lucky enough to play with LEGO building blocks in most of an average family. So what do we do when we have building blocks? We build things such as plane, car, playground, furnitures so on and so forth. All things we created are in 3-dimensional objects as if LEGO is our miniature world. Yup, I had played before, have seen how these simple, brightly colored amazing pieces can do and I have also observed how kids are toying with LEGO nowadays. 

Nevertheless, it was a blown away moment when I saw how someone is toying with LEGO blocks. Perhaps not the way I could ever imagine.

If you're looking for an alternative way to sketch, good to explore on how to draw a car using LEGO pieces - this piece of creation is both an art and a play, I believe.
I can draw with LEGOO
If you're looking for an option of how to play LEGO in an unconventional manner, perhaps it is worth to design our own maze and get lost in the world of LEGO like Austin!
Maze with LEGO
Creating a maze with LEGO
How about trying to place numbers on wheels?
A world with numbers
As long we are willing to allow our kids to explore the unstructured play, things absolutely can get crazy when the conventional building blocks turn into a piece of picture, a maze, an imaginative world and many more creative play.

Happy exploring!


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