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Home LOGGING Milestone Austin @ 1 year old

Time flies. Hard to believe, Austin has moved in with us for more than 365 days!  
Now, three solid meals a day, without fail. Each meal about 1 cup mush. Breakfast @ 0800 lunch @ 1200 and dinner @1730, of course plus minus 30-60 mins tolerance. I am not training an army :). Austin takes everything that I gave him from bland, plain or natural tangy-savory-sweet. Still associate spoon equals feeding, refuse food from fingers. Water from breast milk (4-5X a day) and food. Tricking him to take more water by adding into his mush. Hate sipping cup and dislike straw. Prefer to drink directly from cup so that he gets to wet himself!

From 1930 to 0630 more or less. As we started to celebrate that Austin sleeps over 6-7 hours at night, he is back to waking a few (to many) times at night especially after midnight. Occasionally, weeping with eyes closed. Nursing 1-2 times at night. Nap still twice a day, mid morning & mid afternoon.

In his own lingo. Babbling a lot, plenty of ‘voices’ from his mouth and expressive too. By himself, to the books/toys and us. Sometimes we wonder if he has imaginary friends (like Calvin & Hobbes)? Whenever he wants milk/nap/sleep, he shrieks for mom.. than that, a few other syllables e.g. bababa, babu, bububu, aye aye, aya aya, bye bye, sit, hihi, ahhhhh, yiyiiyiii…, grhh, eeeee…and aigooo.. (not sure if I had too much of Korean drama!)

Not really. Austin took 3 little steps 2 weeks before he marked 1.0 (first birthday). And that’s about it. I did not see him attempting or practicing anymore.  

Non stop. Latest favorite are torch light, bucket, ball and little toilet. Climbing in/out from his play pool independently. Still in love with books, flash cards, music. Started giving me smiles when I read him Chinese characters instead of an ‘alien’ expression. Danced (shake on his feet) a little too. Like to see things from different angles. Austin tends to tilt his head one sided, almost touching his shoulder to stare at stuff. Plenty of tiny fingers exercise, as if he is squeezing or grasping air!

Yes, we have a laundry guy at home. Austin helps to empty the laundry bucket by dumping the dirty clothes on the floor! Then, tossing his favorite ball into the bucket :)

Before going to bed, sometimes we offer him a lit torch. Whenever he twists his wrist holding the torch, it is as if we have a little parking attendant at home! If you need one, call us.

Bathing in tub is always thrilling to him! Everyday, twice.  
Waving, imitating us when we wave at him asking him to come over.
Getting down from bed and crawling out from bedroom independently after he wakes up.
Love going out. Crawling speedily heading to door when daddy is leaving for work.
Doing great with front facing car seat since we flipped it on the first weekend in October. Enjoy the view & nap with no fuss.
Abundance of hugs, smiles, giggles and laughter!

Still hate his cribs.
Dislikes stroller unless on-the-move all the time.
Not yet over the toss-everything stage.


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