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BabyBathing Austin is no longer a baby, he is a toddler literally :)

Little adventurous eater went for biscuits (includes sugar/salt/spices/food chemicals), yogurts, egg, fish and cheese. So far, Austin does not show any preference on food but he dislikes sweet stuff. The best thing of feeding him nowadays is Austin can feed you in return. Most of the time, I place some finger food (to get him occupied). From apple, cheery tomato, grapefruit, carrot, hard-boiled egg to even the little ‘Cheerios’ O! With his tiny fingers, Austin picks one, brings to my mouth and drop it in. Repeating, here it comes again until all the food on his tray are gone. He really knows not to let me starving while I am feeding him!

Good news for dining out! Austin can sit down for his meal and big people’s meals. Occasionally, we dine out after his meals, then his favorite ‘Tiny Love’ arch keeps him occupied.

Austin cut his 5th tooth (lateral incisor, bottom jaw, right) two weeks ago. That’s explains his disrupted sleep, slight diarrhea (perhaps) and clingy for days! Watching up for signs of another 3 on the way – all lateral incisors .

Regressing on slumber curve. Hitting major milestone – walking and coupled with teething, extremely challenging to keep him in deep sleep. Our almost-forgotten sleepless season is back, Austin wakes up very often! Instead of counting how many hours Austin is sleeping, we start counting how many hours we have slept! At times, he is sleeping on us.

Recent day nap is interrupted and brief, total opposite of before that he could nap a stretch over 1-2 hours. And he wakes up nowadays yelling for people!

More and more syllables out from the little mouth. Sometimes we heard  “boy”, sometimes we heard “ball”. You know, parenthood is always on the learning curve, we are learning to hear again :D. Occasionally, he also mentioned “What is..”, “Hush”, “Da-di” and “Da-da”. Plenty of  “Mom.. Mom..Ma Ma Ma…Pa..Pa..”. Keep repeating “I say” endlessly whenever he is happy, but we are not sure what he is trying to say :) And we observed that he enjoys humming by himself. Soft, continuous, several pitches. Did Austin try to give us a hint that he is ready for a vocal class?
Austin has long ears. Every morning, when I turn on the shower to fill up his tub, he will rush into bathroom! Splashing is a never ending fun.


Oh yeah! The little hands love going into any crevices from the tiny gap between coffee table and wall, the hole where screws are fixed on to our belly buttons :). Fiddling and scratching with his fingers like Indy (Jones Jr). Syhhh..the little archeologist at field work!

YES! From a drunkard style, Austin is going wilder.

When we asked Austin, “Where is ball?”, he made a quick scan in the room and turned after his favorite ball. I am not sure whether we have a mini NBA or mini World Cup (Football) at home lately! The channel is automatically switched depending on the gears that go into the hands of our little buddy. With a ball and a bucket, Austin never gets tired of ‘slam dunk’. Get the ball out, ‘shoot’ the ball in, repeating and again! If I happen to join the game, we play ball passing game or ball keeping game. Austin pushes the ball to me, and I return it with a soft kick. So far, he is a pretty good ball saver! And very cheeky too, he tricked me by passing to the opposite direction! 

Daddy said Austin seems to have started making his own decision every now and then. I guess independence comes with that. When he decided that he wants to learn, we demonstrated once and he picked up! He saw Daddy placed his blue doughnut ring on his favorite ball. Within seconds, he tried to copy. Focus, full of enthusiasm and finally, he made the ring sitting on the ball. On the opposite, when he choose to ignore, even we repeat over hundreds times, he is not following. We have been signing to him for several months but he does not show any interest at all to imitate us, apart from waving and giving five!

Austin loves reading. On his own, babbling aloud with his drools-soaked book, he gets preoccupied for more than 30 minutes!
Enjoys very much the piggyback style of babywearing
Drinking water from sports sipper bottle via soft tip straw.

Still like to be held often.
Relapse on separation-anxiety.


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