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Home LOGGING Milestone Austin @ 14 months

In a blink of an eye, Austin is a big baby!

Food wrestling motto: Eat to live, not live to eat...
Everyone knows what is sumo wrestling, but what is food wrestling? Wrestled whenever we placed him on high chair after passing the mark of 13th month, but gained back his comfort to sit down not too long after. Phew! Blame it on the major milestone – walking! Or teething? Only God knows :)

Refusing first spoon 10 out 10 times for every meal until today! From holding Austin’s lower jaw to tossing peas, everyday we have to come out with new ‘trick’ to get little mouth opens and the little fingers occupied. Food, utensils, toys, music, post-it-pad, WordWorld – we had tried them all. We are dying to hear responses for “what else?”. We think Austin started to learn about starving. When his stomach is empty, he fusses but yet to comprehend that eating can cure. Thank goodness, after the first few spoonfuls, Austin is usually cooperative.

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!
Austin cut his 6th tooth (lateral incisor) with 7th and 8th are on the way to erupt, likely going to make it by 25th Dec!

Picking up back the good old habit, slumbering over 5-6 hours without a single fuss. Even there is, with brief and boring comfort, Austin returns to his slumberland until dawn. Thank God, our sleepless night season is over (for now – don’t tell our little friend)!

Doing well for nap too lately, twice a day over 1-2 hours each session.

Understand a few key words and phrases such as ball, music, walk, sleep, water, go, hold, caught you, stand up, sit down, let’s go, say hi, done and what else? Yeah..“Go and drink water” - This phrase works and serves a good reminder to quench his thirst after strenuous workout (play) :). With a drinking water bottle ready on coffee table, Austin is sipping water from the source independently and wetting everywhere at the same time :)
Austin is still fascinated with his little fingers. A habit we observed since fourth trimester, at times we wonder what is he up to in his mind for tweaking his fingers. Good sign for sign language? Doubt it :)

Sorry guys, all vacancies are filled up!
Sanitary Supervisor position was taken. Supervise us whenever we turn on the vacuum. Going after this machine, room by room, inspecting our job and at times hands-on to make sure our floor is dirt-free :) 

Austin is in-charge of kitchen as well. On duty as F&B Manager, dedicated and on the dot, Austin shows up in kitchen whenever I am preparing our meals. The safety gate have to be widely open so that my little boss can check on his big subordinate.
Endless Play!
Colorful doughnuts rings are still Austin’s favorite after 8 months. Used to toss, roll and hit them on floor, these days he started to make these doughnuts going through the yellow stick patiently one after another, either in sequence or off-sequence!

He starts to like the new Playskool Gears Plate that we bought for him last month. From tossing the gears and loosing one by one, at least now Austin enjoys being a mechanic, sometimes pressing the button to turn on the lights/noise and stacking them up too!

Refrigerator is always as fun as the vacuum, he would poke his head to check what stuff are stored in this massive and hardy lit-tower! 

Practice makes perfect for championing in walk. Simple tail-gating plays, all kinds from our marching legs, to bouncing ball and pulling cart help. Enjoy walking very much, reaching stuff on higher spots e.g. tables, fridge, kitchen top and wires. Learning to be friend with socks and shoes these days, he can’t wait to reach ground every time we head outdoor. 

Enjoy putting palms together, enjoy patting, making sound while I sing “Pat a Cake” during good ‘weather’ :)
Made it pretty well for two road trips over 300km in a day on 2 continuous weekends.
Fond of staircase.
Certain of what he wants and go for it without second thought.
Adapting to outside food – he likes the porridge from dim sum restaurant!
Learning to ‘communicate’ after pooing in diaper.

Growing slightly out of love for ball.
Still wetting floor with his drools.


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