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Austin starts loosing his chubby baby look. Instead, he gains a boyish face, leaner and more hair!

Run. Forest, run! Walk. Austin, walk!
Austin is a compulsive walker. He spends most of his calories on walking. Walk, walk and walk!! Austin could walk non-stop for a couple hours. From room to room, one corner to next, kitchen to hall. Everywhere. When he gets tired of walking, he clings on my knees, asking me to hold him. That’s the way he recharges for his battery! And then is also the time to offer him water as he sweats a lot! At times, he grabs some stuff as he walks and sometimes lifting his hands like a waiter. Daddy said the act is as if holding a ‘Luo Pan’ as if like a Feng Shui master!
Toddler strides into basketball court
Lately, Austin likes to tip toe that we are curious to find out why. Sometimes he walks circling his back, not sure if he knows that can get him giddy and we also spotted him attempting to run on New Year eve. For sure, he progresses on his steps, sturdier as time goes.

Austin develops a crush over crush
Why Austin wrestled with solid last month? We finally found a solution to this challenge. If you are curious on why baby chew and spit, or pocket the food without swallowing, then perhaps read on our experience here.

We are glad that Austin is back on his three ‘crushed’ meals per day without much hesitant on food. Neither we need  much energy to distract him to eat. Still, our baby is unique. Once his hands are occupied, his mouth is automatically wide open, welcoming the food of any kind!

Sleep and naps
Routine naps twice, pretty consistent on the timing. Start going to bed a bit later than usual, after 9pm recently but we still practice taking him to bedroom by half past nine. Rising usually between 7 to 8am.

Peek-a-boo! Austin…Where are you?
With Grandfather, Daddy or anyone,  Austin loves this game much. After you go hiding, then call his name, he rounds every corner to search for you. Once he sees you, he smiles and giggles, indicating satisfaction! Hiding behind curtains is his favorite these days, trying to get himself ‘missing’ or out of sight from his guardians.

Penguin, here you are…he learns to take instruction!
I got really impressed when Austin started to utter the word ‘book’ while he was gazing at three of his favorite story books. My bad ears picked that word, it must be he pronounced it very clearly. Not too long after, when I asked him to search for his penguin (penguin is hanged on his cribs and it that happened to be covered up by a sarong that day), he swiftly climbed over to his cribs, pulled down the sarong and ta-da! There were a few other stuff hanging on his cribs that day, but he went straight for the sarong, hitting the exact coordinate to unhide his penguin friend. Oh, my! I had underestimated my boy. He is picking up every tiny thing each day despite we could hardly understand his ‘voices’. Perhaps he does understand us more than we thought. I think Austin can’t wait to speak. He is obviously not a quiet boy once he starts to talk.

Playing Fingers
Since birth, Austin has the inclination to self-sooth himself by playing fingers. Concentrating on his palms and tiny fingers, he observes each bend and move. He could stay on making signs that we have yet to understand. Twirling his hands and moving fingers. Well, if you were to ask me what is in my mind, then he is like a conductor in a symphony orchestra. Wow!

New shopper in town…
Austin begins to enjoy groceries shopping after we welcome the new year of 2012. On Jan 4, Austin stayed in shopping cart for an hour, voluntarily until momma grabbed him out. Though I prefer him to sit but he prefers to stand in the shopping cart. Well, I know this is not the best but before we could get a Radio Flyer wagon, guess this works for him. Austin is amazed with stuff on the shelves and he has started to point for what he likes for instance the sour cream rice chips. Not for him now but on behalf of his Daddy :)

Vacation & Outdoor
Our first vacation in the Lion City during Christmas turned out better than what we expected. Austin was cooperative in all ways except when it came to meal time. Somehow, we were blessed with little tiny things we needed for him such as rooms to nurse, hot/warm water to prepare his food and paper towels. Everything was generous in supply, from Good Samaritans and sponsors! Even the ‘hot’ seats in MRT, we were entitled to the special privilege with little Austin.

Austin loves going on car ride these days, ever ready for the socks and shoes whenever we told him so. Buckle on car seat without any fuss and stay on the road for longer hours.

We noticed that Austin has long memory. Recently, we took him to sky park almost every alternate days and he remembers the paths heading there. Well verse, he knows where exactly are the corners and turns to make so that he could play with the staircase before reaching the roof top garden :)

Austin turns 3 yo after Lunar New Year!
Welcoming the year of water dragon, Austin’s Chinese age is going to be 3 years old (more than double of his actual age:)). The tradition says baby is born at a year old and each Chinese New Year that one goes through add up, make the age of that year! Sounds quirky ah?
A boy in Chinese costume walking on pebbles


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