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I thought I had just updated about Austin @ 15 months and here I am back. Again! With endless things going on every day in the past one month, time isn’t flying, it moves almost in the speed of light. Relatively, I hope Austin isn’t getting confused with my time against speed of light theory! February is coming, we are celebrating a love season!
Kisses from illegal residents!
Do you know that the fifth season on earth is love? When it comes to the love season, kisses are free! We suspected that Austin had 2 bites from FIRE ants, one on right pinky and another on left ear lobe. Started with a dot size of pus, itchy and ended with red scars. The dot on pinky went off pretty fast but the swell on his ear took more than a couple of days to subside. Poor thing! 

Passion (& Patience) for MO-LAR-S
Big things are erupting this time, they are the MOLARS on the upper jaw! Pearly white edges are spotted a couple days ago when we play poking-giggling game on bed. Perhaps that explains the isolated screaming amidst of doing something. 

Fond of Food!
Meal time far better than months ago, much at a breeze now. We have no complain except turning on his favorite code ‘music’. He loves our mother dialect the most. One of them is a Hokkien song translated as “Have to strive for success (Ai Pia Char Ye Eya)”. I am very sure he doesn’t get this competitive spirit from me! We have to sing along, he watches our lips and insists on replay if the song ends before his meal is over! Somehow I always twist the lyrics to “have to eat to grow up”:) Hopefully this phrase get into his mind. 

LM_Austin16mo2 Infatuated with words and books
Austin never get tired of flash cards, words and books. Whether he is ‘reading’ them quietly or just flipping the pages for the pictures, we are certain that he falls in love with books more than anything else. Everyday, the pattern is similar. Yet, there are a lot of sacrifice in the name of literary. You’d have guessed it; wrinkled pages, dog ears, stripped cover, drooled-sticking pages, torn pages or anything that you can or can’t imagine of! Started him on reading ‘video’ from Your Baby Can Read for almost 3 weeks and he shows us the association of words to the animal images on his puzzle and daily activities. As we read aloud the titles of his books, he can pick pretty accurately the one we have just spoken out. Whenever he is in the mood to read, you would need jars of water. He is pretty persistence to get you repeat his favorite books – The Three Little Pigs and Cow Boy!

Admiring bubbles
Babbling and bubbling…we had just started playing bubbles though we were supposed to introduce to himself several months ago!

Devotion to Music
Perhaps Austin is too young to understand about religions, but he certainly devoted himself to music. Even only the word ‘music’ can calm him down! Singing for him, and he allows you to change diaper in lying flat position. Amazing ah? He can spend a significant amount of time, standing up looking upon our still TV screen (we play music from media system) while listening to the melody. Looking at his intense admiration towards music, we upgraded his kiddo band set to a real keyboard! It is cool, Daddy composed some of nursery rhymes, Mommy learning how to play keyboard and Austin always chips in tweaking the keys!
In a nutshell, we are very impressed with Austin’s progress. Out of sudden, he behaves like a big boy, very understanding, accommodating in many ways and  we are looking forward to days that he begins to speak! He certainly knows how to make us loving him MORE and MORE!



0 #1 YiYi 2012-02-24 21:50
Kudos Austin!

YiYi, Yi Tiau & cousin Mika

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