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Home LOGGING Milestone Austin @ 17 months

Austin surprises us every day! From a baby that used to fuss most of time, today he is living happily with us under the same roof.

Hot Summer in Penang!
Being near to Equator belt, summer is arriving earlier :) Recent hit of extreme heat led us to trim Austin’s hair. First major trimming at home while he was enjoying the educational show on his high chair.  

LM_Austin17mo Back to bibs and eating uncrushed solid!
Mashed stuff and millet porridge are perfectly fine with Austin. He consumes without complaining, just taking a bit longer as he needs more time to chew and bite. Showing more interest on what we have on dining tables, curious of the texture and can’t wait to touch, however not yet willing to place into his mouth. Back to wearing bibs. Thanks to Daddy for ‘tricking’ Austin to put on as if he is wearing his top with his favorite phrase ‘arms up’. What a dislike turns out okay with Austin recently and hope these improvements are going to last for good :)

Talking and Reading 
Spotted him ‘talking’ to mirror, by himself and to us. A lot! Most of the time, we do not understand what he is trying to say except a few words such as ‘go’, ‘book’, ‘up’ and ‘down’. To our surprise, most of these words are learned from the highly debatable ‘Your Baby Can Read’ DVDs. Still, there is no complete word of Mommy and Daddy!

Instead of ‘study’ quietly, gazing on the pages of his favorite books, sometimes Austin is mumbling to himself while he is reading. Tiny books, big books, he must get his share of time everyday with them. He looks at the pages and words as if he is trying to comprehend. In fact, we notice he observes everything that has prints, from warning label on his high chair to the ingredients sticker on cookies jar, he must inspect and seriously ‘study’ them.

Austin will remind us whenever we do not fill up his literary quota. Bringing a book and place it on our hand, this is his way of asking to read aloud to him!

Latest Approach In Doing Math

Sounds like we have a bean counter at home. Melissa & Doug’s abacus is finally tackled by Austin. See the latest breakthrough, as demonstrated by Austin. Do you know this is the coolest way to do math? Seriously, no kidding for my kid :)
New Approach in Abacus

Arms Up and Clapping!
Austin tells us ‘Up’ to get our attention for everything that he is doing includes asking to hold him up, playing with him or when he is hiding behind the curtain! At times, he wakes up and repeats ‘Up’ by himself on his bed. Or sometimes, he would gaze at us and consciously yelling ‘Up’, expecting us to swing our arms up. Whether we follow or not, he would still give us an encouragement by clapping his hands :) Thanks for the applause Son!

Exercising with pilates ball
Our exercise ball that the diameter is 3/4 of his height. Roll here, roll there, roll everywhere. Getting innovative, rolling it to our backyard so that it will never come back!

Hide and Seek with curtains – now you see, now you don’t!
He started by hiding behind these hanging fabrics, trying to escape from mommy and daddy. Recently, he notices that if he pulls away this fabric in his bedroom, he gets a spectacular aerial view, sometimes big kids playing basketball in the open field!

Getting More Organized!
Yes, he indeed is. Pillows, bolsters and whatever on his bed – everything has to go so that he gets the huge flat space on a queen size bed with nothing!

Recently, Austin is into a habit of placing stuff in a row such as books, gears, and even wooden blocks. Stacking up gears or bowls too when he is in the mood.

Wear sunscreen at home
Austin is an atypical kid, he is fond of this old rap - Sunscreen by Baz Luhrmann so much. Even just by listening and nothing gets up to his hands, he can sit down and take his meals!

Play School
Without luxury of siblings, we are searching for a decent play school for Austin. Despite he is still below 24 mo, we hope that he can make more friends, learning how to share toys and play with his peers in play school. Anyone, any recommendations?

Sleeping in stroller on the summit of Penang Hill which he had never done before.
Parents get to enjoy McD meals in peace for 30 minutes while Austin is left sitting with nothing, but his eyes rolling on our food, striking wall paper in restaurants and the passer-bys.  
Learn that water instead of breast milk can too quench his thirst.
Shutting off quietly by himself as we turn off the light to sleep. 
Learning to return to slumber easily during the interval of naps.
Reaching out for stuff he fancies.

Still on disposable diapers.
No pointing or touching even on his body parts yet.
Learning to demand by showing his true colors lately. Fussing to disapprove when Mommy stops and talks to friends, when other kids take his toys/books away or when his music stops playing. To show who is the ‘real’ boss, we sometimes turn down his request if he is being unreasonable.
Common flu bugs strike twice this month.


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