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Home LOGGING Milestone Austin @ 18 months

Pheew..weet!! Austin is 18 months old! This magic number means he is a year and half on earth!  
Full of ENERGY!
He plays in our backyard! Every little thing he found adds up to the collection of his new toys. From in-house slippers, laundry basket, oat in a container, Cheerios to floor mat, Austin is our  little helper. Helping to transfer all these stuff from backyard to living room, back and forth, tidying up in his own way! Being a great helper, he shuts our front gate and main door every time when we return home. Close our bedroom door at night and even the bathroom door after taking his shower. He makes sure our security and safety are in place :)

Austin can also move the ‘superman’s’ bop bag all by himself, practically hugging it to shift from one corner to another! And pushing a bucket filled up with a few gallons of water! 

Gross Motor Skills
From a decent walking, Austin transforms his activities to include climbing, kicking ball, throwing ball over his head, back walking, running a little, crossing tiny drain and sometimes balancing on a thin elevated walkway. Cheeky ah!!

Fine Motor Skills
Yes, Austin helps clearing up his toys, filling them into the designated toy box but shortly after dumping out on the floor! Attempting to ‘write’ on tray with pens, scribbling on writing board and he is amazed with crayons that can make figures, words and images. Still like to poke my bellybutton, crevices on walls or doors. Stacking his toy gears and sometimes tweaking his tiny fingers on one hand to spin a little. Attempting to copy us on how to twist our fingers in order to spin all kind of his favorite round-stuff! 
Asking for MORE food
To fuel up his energetic lifestyle, Austin is consuming a lot too. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are must. We hope this is our last farewell to food processor. A blessing in disguise when our machine broke down a few weeks ago. Since then, we have never crushed anything anymore before serving to Austin. Despite the typical first mouth refusal, Austin is doing pretty speedy, chewing and grinding his food with almost all erupted molars. He is going banana for banana, golden kiwi, plum and mango!!

To our surprise and delight, Austin opened his mouth asking for mango when Daddy was snacking one afternoon. He did not only lick the huge piece of mango but looking for more when we fed him a few tiny pieces! Wow…the making of a new eater!

Who is the TEACHER?
Book is one of Austin’s best friend. Instead of flashing educational show on smart phone to get Austin ‘occupied’ when we dine out, we bring out a few little books. Whether you’re eating with a mouth full or chatting with other people, as and when Austin pages the book and points, Mommy or Daddy has to read out aloud. Austin makes sure that we excel in phonics and pronunciation. And no cheating. If you do not read out, Austin will stop at the page, tilt up his head and stare at you!

Separation-Anxiety at Peak? 
We have no solid answers why Austin is extremely clingy at home for the past 3 weeks. Perhaps teething, perhaps the peak of separation-anxiety as what most literature describes to be around  18 month-old. Or due to overwhelming development as Austin strikes the magic one-eight coupled with Daddy being away, no one can explain what is the root cause. Neither Austin can explain to us in the lingo that we can comprehend. 

Strangely, Austin finds comfort in grabbing Momma to be by his side whenever he is restless. Look like he can hardly focus on his activities and loosing interest on his toys. Refused Daddy for feeding, bathing and babysitting upon his return. 

Live with SLOPE and OUTDOOR
A high spirited baby at home, Austin is a spirited plus baby outdoor!! Fall in love with slope in whatever degree of gradient, this little man does not care how tough it is to conquer. He loves to explore all of them, from man-made pathways, stone-block staircases to tiny hilly lawn in the gardens. That’s how he got a few scratches on his chin. Going to and forth on, hiking up and down, sweating under the sun as if he can live without anything (including his Mom)! 

A Matter of Preference or Trust? 
Though only a year and a half old, Austin demonstrates preference and liking on stuff and people. Perhaps it is fate, perhaps it is the chemistry, Austin and Gong-gong are like two old buddies from the past ( life). They stick. Hiding, seeking, playing ball, giggling, calling him ‘Austin-oo-wei’, they have tons of fun just being together. Austin is excited whenever Gong-gong comes visiting and he shows in the welcoming expressions and actions consistently. 

Making MUSIC
Banging two things, Austin learns that he can create music in this way and enjoy doing it. Sometimes he also picks up the empty bucket or container, tapping on as if he is drumming :)

BITING blues!
There was once out of the blue while we were playing, Austin placed his mouth above my belly button. At first, I thought he was learning to kiss but then ‘ooouuchhh’! I screamed in pain! He bit me. And what happened next? Austin bit his own wrist too. Ouch! Looking at the wounds whereby his teeth mark was obvious, he was seriously on the biting blues. Phew!

Our new babysitter
We found that Austin learns to sit down on floor to watch his favorite shows e.g. Here comes Science and Word World. And most of the time, these shows keep him occupied and calm him when he is being too clingy. I know it is bad. But this is the only moment I could get to sit down aside from when he is napping. We vowed before to minimize TV screening but at this moment, I am thankful at least we have identified ‘who’ to look for when we need extra hands to entertain him on a safe ground. 
With Austin around, everyday is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get until the day ends. His curiosity, creativity and flexibility at times are amazing, enough to make me to wonder why it never came across my mind in the past 30 years!


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