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Our little Austin is no longer tiny, he is sprouting! Every second, every minute, everyday. Approaching 20 month-old in no time, he finally hit above 10 kg on weighing scale (precisely 10.7 kg) when we had the latest visit at ped. Active, mobile and pretty independence at which translates into bruises and scars on his forehead, giving us an expectation warning for more!! Even Harry Potter got the (lightning bolt shaped) scar on his forehead at 15 mo :) LM_19mo1
We sound desperate or 'kiasu' but guess this is the reality. We hurried for second vacation early May, getting Austin on the 'free' flight to Langkawi before he turns two to enjoy the infant's price. Not completely free, AirAsia charged RM50 for lap seat inclusive of any mobility stuff (stroller & car seat) belongs to the 'baby'. Opsh, is he still a baby? 
Beach, Sun and Pool
Austin has it all at once. He loves outdoor, the sun and so does water in the pool. We bought him a life-vest (colorful floaty @ RM20 in Langkawi) but he hates it. To our surprise, Austin dares to walk in baby pool (0.36m) independently!! Despite a few occasions of galloping chlorinated water, he and the water gel like good buddies. He looked a little awkward on the sandy beach, not of his fancy but he smiled when the waves were sweeping on his legs and calves. 

Playing With Peer
Not to our surprise, Austin is not a holy molly child. He played tricks on his same aged cousin - Mika. During our vacation, Mika occasionally liked to enter our bedroom. Austin, being more than cheeky would bang the bedroom door to close at the same time preventing Mika to exit. Doubting this happen by chance since the incidence repeated a few times with mischievous expression detected on Austin once his cousin appeared to be panic, being disconnected from his parents.  

Food Allergies
No conclusion if it is a food allergy or flavoring allergy, but we encountered acute eczema around Austin's lips more than a couple times after we gave the outside food. As much as we are eager to introduce Austin to more variety, we noticed Austin tends to developed red rashes around his mouth after he took outside stuff. Vivid red patches, but fortunately they were gone within a few hours. Hence, we are wary and pretty selective on the food, fear one thing leading to another if not deal carefully. With those right out of box such as hard-boiled egg, porridge, cereal, fruits are usually okay but skeptical on the flavored soup and dishes particularly MSG-rich array of food!

Napping outdoor
Something that I always dream of doing but Austin has the luxury now. As much as we want Austin to have more fun in the morning and skip his nap, he tends to doze off as I take him to the park. Sleep at least one cycle while I am running, sometimes longer giving a great time for Mommy to recharge and rejuvenate. Thinking  back of how to put Austin to nap in those days and now, it is very much a breeze! Austin is very cooperative and he sleeps through the night.

Communication & Interaction
Apparently, Austin passed his test. Though he didn't utter clearly any words but he understood more than a simple instruction. He can differentiate colors, demonstrating ability to pick the correct color ring after I jumbled them in addition to the step-by-step instruction, asking him to place the rings in sequence. He knows how to demand for what he wants particularly boobies (by hook or by crook and he refuses to wean).

He would bring over the bag of his MegaBlok, then pull my hands, placing on the zip, asking me to unlock the bag. He would search for a ball, bringing to us when we asked him for it. He picks the shoes that he wants to put on. 

More smiles to strangers, friendly in church and Austin at times likes to touch or hug them though pretty selective when it comes to who he wants to be held.
Eating & Drinking 
Austin shows his interest on what we had. He started biting and chewing his food, demonstrating response towards coarse or small bite food stuff such as corn flakes in milk, soft fruits and vegetables. Learning how to use utensil i.e. spooning porridge with both hands :D. Drinking from cup by himself, one third going into his mouth and two third wetting himself :D.

Potty training
Work in progress. So far, we missed all his excretion!!
Role Playing
Sometimes, he likes to play being a baby, crawling here and there. Extremely confidence walking on wet floor in bathroom, he inspects every corner plus the thrash bin. Everything we are doing, he is watching, learning and copying. From banging the pots and pans in kitchen, hitting xylophones, pressing keyboards (on his little synthesizer) to slipping into Mommy's crocs, Austin wants to be just like us.

Exactly, Austin can't wait to grow up!


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