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In a blink of an eye, here I am back again to update Austin at 20-month old!

Austin goes to school school to be exact. Sounds like we are desperate but our intention is not to choke him on academic. More on interaction, socializing, learning from peers and hopefully he will detach from boobies as well!

On the first day in school, when we were about to leave, we felt uncomfortable to see Austin crying, refused to be separated from us and stayed in. We however left and returned a couple times to take a peek on how he was doing. On the second day, he cried even we were a block away. However, momma kept telling him our intentions of taking him to school, repeating momma will be back to fetch him, convincing him that we love him. On the positive note, Austin did not cry through the hours he stayed in school. According to the principal, he only cried whenever he thought of us. Oh..he is so sweet!!

On the third week, things improved. He started to show us that he is getting used to the new environment and faces. He didn't fuss anymore while I was driving him to school. He got off the car, holding my hands as I walked him into the school compound. After greeting the staff and taking off his shoes, he still fussed a little when I kissed him goodbye.

On the last day of third week, as usual I walked Austin from car taking him into the compound and greeted his class teacher. Know what? My jaws almost dropped seeing Austin to be 'handed' over. Transferring from my hand to the teacher's, he hugged his teacher, then obediently following her into the building without a single fuss!! Oh My, I had lost my bet thinking that he would take two months to settle down!

How does Austin fare so far? Austin has yet reached the stage at which he can articulate to us what happen in school everyday. But we believe we are doing the right thing. His expression, gestures and things that he is doing indicate that he is very happy in school. We only learned about him in school from the staff but Austin's behaviors tell us that everything that he has learned in school!! Perhaps he is hitting new milestones concurrently, perhaps school gives a pleasurable environment but one thing for sure we know, he is progressing tremendously!

The only challenge we encounter is getting Austin to take water from cup voluntarily in school aside from flu bugs. To prevent him from bringing more of these tiny bugs home, we wash him from head to toes as soon as he reaches home.

Austin loves 'music'
This boy simply likes to create sounds out of anything. From drumming on his eating tray, hitting spoon in his cup to knocking his fingers on the headboard of bed, he makes sure that he invents sound out of them!!

Austin goes to bed by himself
Whether a nap or a sleep, Austin knows exactly when he needs to close his eyes and catch some rest. With half a day at school, scheduling his afternoon nap is a huge challenge. He calls for it only when he needs it. As he is transitioning to one nap in a day sometimes he does not nap at all in the afternoon, thus he ends up going to be as early as 8 pm recently.

Austin is snacking
Hard to believe, this boy is our Austin. From someone who didn't fancy food, Austin is snacking in-between lunch and dinner everyday for the past 3 weeks. From fruits, cereals to cookies, Austin opens his mouth wide as soon as he sees the food is served. He is very focus, leaving everything and stay close to me watching every spoon, making sure it goes into his mouth. Earlier lunch and he is fed a little less at school less perhaps explains his excitement for snacks at 3-4 pm. Dinner is served as usual at 6 pm daily. And Austin started to grab another spoon, scooping his food (when I am feeding him), pretending he is feeding me at the same time!

Austin is 'talking', 'talking' and 'talking'...
What I mean is babbling. On some days he can be 'talking' almost non-stop. Most of time "there-dee" (Daddy) not precise all the time and that's the only word we caught so far. It is not easy to catch especially his momma who has a pair of bad ears. We however heard from his teacher that Austin said out 'curl' (he missed out the 'sir') when he found an image of a circle (sir-curl is indeed tough to pronounce) in a book. She is definitely more experienced than us :)

Austin is staking Megablok eventually!!
We have been showing Austin how to put the blocks together to shape out plane, trucks, towers since a couple of months ago. And only recently, he decided he wanted to be an apparent ice Civil Engineer :D. Check out his first creation on wheels below.

Austin in action...
Apparently, Austin is making sounds and acting out when he heard his favorite rhymes playing on TVs. Or as when I sing his favorite song - 'If you happy and you know it', he would clap and then stomp. Not sure if he picks up from his peers in school but he is showing us he enjoys stomping so much lately. As often as we call it "stomp your feet", he would act it out.

That's said. Whenever we sing 'Head shoulders knees and toes', he decides to touch our body parts instead of his. Regardless how many times I held his hands, helped him to point or touch his own body parts, he still prefers to do it on ours.

Austin enjoys unpacking and packing his toys
In school, momma heard from his teacher that he keeps his toys after playing. He is doing that at home but only when he is dealing with Jungle Animals Box and MegaBlok.

Austin is giving us more surprises
There was once while Austin was trying to stack up his colorful rings, his momma interrupted, " you have blue and yellow rings. Where is your green ring? Please go and get the green ring. It is in the red basket."

Do find the above statement complex? To our surprise, this was what happened next. Austin will stop what he was doing. Gazing around, he stood up and walked towards the red basket, then reached out for the green ring. He then brought it to the former spot where he was trying to stack all his rings.

In another incident, there is a learning DVD that we have been playing for Austin after he turned one - Your Baby Can Read DVDs. There is a part at which color and its word are shown on the screen. Austin then decided to grab his pentagonal animal house. When 'blue' was flashed on TV, he turned to the blue 'door' on his animal house and tapped on it. When green was played, he moved to 'green door' and tapping on with his fingers! He did for a few more colors before he found out that Daddy (instead of TV) can read out aloud the color that he was pointing out.

Without an older child of our own to benchmark, perhaps we have underestimated Austin. Or perhaps he hits a few milestones at this stage thus explains the step function behaviors. But we are freaking out to find out that he knows way beyond what we are expecting! Life is getting more and more exciting for all of us!!



0 #2 Austin 2012-06-30 08:44
Thank you YiYi :-) Mommy said my school is a happy place and I am a happy boy so we are in the same 'happy' boat!
0 #1 YiYi 2012-06-28 13:09
Bravo, Austin. YiYi is happy to learn that you are settling well in play school & loves to snack!! And really agree with Momma that we are under-estimating what 'we -thought-you know'


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