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Home LOGGING Milestone Austin @ 21 months

Amazingly out of sudden, we fall on an exponential curve, learning many new stuff about Austin! 

Pointing body parts

When we almost gave in that Austin was not interested to point on his own body parts while we were uttering each of them out, he is showing off to us NOW! Head, shoulders, knees, toes, ears, mouth, nose, eyes, all these are certainly from the famous nursery rhymes. And he also shows us or touch his elbow, belly and bellybutton at which he picked up from Your Baby Can Read DVDs I believe.

Talking like a a train

For sure, he is no longer humming. He is saying out something. Many syllables, various intonations, at times he can be 'talking' for more than 15 minutes non stop while he is stacking the blocks and drooling at the same time! Sometimes while he was flipping the tiny books or flash cards too, as if he is trying to read out. At times, I caught him 'singing' while he was watching rhymes on TV. 

Action speaks louder than words

Literally. This is how Austin is pursuing what he wants. Shaking his head means he refuses water that is offered from sipper, spoon or cup. Or he would help us to place the cup on the table. Whenever he is thirsty, he would then climb up the chair to reach for the cup! (and spill as much as he could!) Whenever he wants us to feed him, he would grab our hand close enough to his mouth. If he wants you to take him for a walk, he would touch your knees and pull your hands. If he needs you to read, he will repeatedly point on the words. If you said out the number wrongly, he would stare at you, insisting you to repeat with a correct answer before moving on to the next! 
Using the slide-to-rub-off plate, we usually write and pronounce each word we wrote to Austin. He loves to see us writing and reading to him. One day, Daddy decided to 'test' him. Daddy wrote 'wall' without pronouncing the word and Austin moved this hand, pointing to wall. Then, Daddy rubbed off and wrote 'spoon' and almost instantly Austin grabbed a spoon to show us! We continued with other words including gate, chair, ball, head, ears, cup, water, fan, hands, nose and a few more stuff at home. Apparently Austin can read!!


From watching what we put into our mouths, spooning food to himself, opening his wide mouths for snacks to asking more for garlic fried rice, Austin is eating like a horse recently! In fact, we notice Austin can eat every 2 hours! Lately, Austin takes everything we offered to him from roti canai, muffin, cake, bean curd/potato from pasembur, lettuce from laksa, ice-cream, yogurt, durian and a long list of fruits.

Recalling our pathetic days in the past, both of Austin's parents could never shared the same food or eating together at the same time. One of us had to entertain him or feed him. To our delight, these days Austin is not only occupied having a set of his own meal that he can mess with, observing us as if he is participating in our conversation sometimes and we can enjoy what we ordered in no hurry.

And Austin is learning how to use fork and spoon!

We didn't really believe he started running a few weeks ago until he fell flat on his chest when we took him to Botanical Garden! With both legs lifting on the air, what else that action is called? It can be jumping or biking in the air described a better picture?


Only a month plus in school, he seems to be more friendly to other people. These days, he can even give 'five' to our neighbors. Unlike the early days, being a lone ranger in school, clingy to nanny,  on the last week of the month we learned from his class teacher that Austin had joined his little buddies for laugh and play. 

End of 4th week, Austin's teacher commented that he is doing extremely great. On the 5th week Austin started snacking at 10 am from cake, bread, cereals to cornflakes. He also enjoy climbing up the play home, sliding down with each hand on one side. Numerous times! He also sat through the whole session when teacher was describing about shapes. Yes, he is in love with all kind of shapes! End of 6th week in school, Austin has started to consciously make friend with little people! Most of the time, he laughs seeing their actions and his teacher relayed that he also has body contact with others such as trying to rub shoulder (literally) and hugging other kids.

Not too long after we enrolled Austin, his school principal told us that one day Austin would prefer to stay back and doesn't want to go home. And in a blink of eye, that moment of truth had arrived. As usual I went to pick Austin around noon on the last day of week 6. Upon seeing me, Austin rushed to hug me. I usually spend a bit of time to catch up on what happen in school with his teacher while Austin would stay close to me, holding my fingers, trying to make sure that I grab him if I happen to walk off anytime :). But that day, Austin neither watch nor guard me anymore, he went straight to playhouse. Climbing up the staircases, he then slided down as if he was showing off to his mommy. Several times.

With many things happen in such a short period, we are like running on a marathon. Non stop, a life long fun run with Austin, at least for the next 18 years!!


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