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Home LOGGING Milestone Austin @ 23 months

In less than 30 days, Austin has to give up his privilege as a baby! He will no longer enjoys the RM50 flat rate for lap seat in budget airlines neither can he claim for an infant flight ticket. Sigh! His parents have to work extra hours to support for the children's price :).
Little accountant makes sure the cash register has done a good job.

In spite of that, we can't wait to see him grow up. Being a parent is an amazing experience, it is something I can't imagine until I have a child of my own. Besides the 'promotion' and devotion, the reality comes with all kind of emotions - ups and downs, ins and outs, laughter and tear. If I were given a chance to turn back the clock, I still want to be a mother. To be the mom to Austin is my greatest joy and I don't want to miss every moment seeing Austin growing up!

Austin's world is full of COLORS...
Numbers and shapes! And these are making his world so lively and alive! Interestingly, he found objects and people are connecting to him via these means. From prices on menu, buttons in the lift to car registration plates, numbers are everywhere.
LM_Austin23mo5 LM_Austin23mo6

In addition to eight (8), nine (9), ten (10), Austin has progressed to pronounce more numbers e.g. five (5), six (6), sevo (7), elevo (11) and sevo ten (710) or egg-ten (810) when he 'read' the digital clock! I guess s-tar (star, quare (square) and sir-kle (cirle) are his favorite shapes since he mentions these pretty often though he is also pointing to moon, trapezium, oval, heart and oval when we read for him.

Other common words that caught our ears includes purple, blue, number, no, no more, come, out, up down, I poo, sit down, bubble, mom mom, dad dad and adorably wishing us 'night night' in bed after light goes off.

Bubbly, Austin is pretty much an advanced talker in his 'baby' lingo. Combining several tones and syllables, his voice sounds foreign, often challenging to grasp. He can 'talk' non stop for a few minutes that I can't even differentiate whether he is singing or making a very long speech!

Potty Training
Aside from telling me I poo after he is 'done', the latest initiative we noticed is hand over the potty to us. Again, after it is 'done' deal! Perhaps we sound desperate, but we are eager to witness more of child led initiatives in Austin before telling the school's staff that he is diaper free.

Build & Buildings
From stacking a few blocks, these days Austin constructs towers that reach almost his height. From vertical, now he knows how to knock on the floor so that he gets the blocks to fit well horizontally instead of leaning towers. Laying blocks on floor, Austin is pretty precise when it comes to creating a straight line. However never attempt to destroy otherwise - he will fix and fix it again :). And know what? Austin likes to show us his creation, demanding for compliments!
Ignore the 2 loners, but the rest are arranged by Austin – 1791063!

Making decision
If you think making decision are the job of managers and adults, Austin is either our manager or acting like us!
He decides which pair of shoes to put on before walking out of house. He knows what he likes or dislikes to put into his little mouth. He knows when to say 'No' or shaking his head for water and porridge. Nonetheless, biscuits of any variety are the food that he'd never resist at anytime being offered. Trust me, this little boy can survive with biscuits alone!

TV is real?
No longer gluing eyes to the TV screen like what he used to be, Austin freaks out when TV's ads are running. Hiding behind us, he is still curious yet reluctant to actively watching particularly when Corntoz Express Yourself is showing. What we found out in literature, toddlers at his stage found TV is real! Actions or objects are not drama, but something that is happening right in front of him.

Cooking & Baking
To our surprise and delight, Austin's play school trains little bakers! Experimenting with wheat flour, egg, sugar, and magically turned to be a sticky play dough, Austin was spotted to have fun messing with chocolate chips!

Believe it or not, Austin is fear of doctors and nurses particularly folks in white uniforms. Since he was a few months old until recently, Austin dislikes visiting clinic nor hospital. He will scream before they could take the reading for his height or weight.

Not something new but eczema has been bugging Austin for several months. We noticed that his ear lobes have been peeling, coupled with cuts since he started school. Doc said hygience was compromised but we still believe it is eczema, that also catch on behind his right knee and travel to right ankle bone as well. Sensitivity test - to do or not to do is a question we have yet to decide.

Hardly pick on where his head is on, as long as Austin needs a rest, he shuts off without fuss. On car seat, grandmother's bed, our shoulders or even on the hard floor. A pretty good sleeper throughout the afternoon or night provided he has an active day particularly outdoor.

Absolutely! With head on his toes, Austin is exploring the world from different perspective. And sometimes attempting to somersault!! Blowing bubbles when we give him water. Running away, disappearing on wet patio. Get us chasing him from one bathroom to another. Pointing and insisting us to read out whatever that attract him. Until we get it right then he'd reward us with a smile!! Rocking on Daddy's chest to delay his bedtime. Turning on water faucets and helping us to put down the toilet seat when Daddy forgets! A little handy man - climbing on ladder when he saw an adult did so. Stepping on see-saw band is more interesting than taking a seat. Though some get us on our nerves and some make us laugh, all these activities are part and parcel of Austin's development phases. He is born to explore.
Terrible Twos
I wanted to ignore this stage, hoping Austin will miss but apparently, the signs of Terrible Twos are no longer dubious. Whether he means it or not, Austin shakes his head pretty often over the past 2 week. Leaping from someone who listen to us (adults), he turns to be more demanding on occasions – in a way expressive and more independence. He insists his way in doing things like what to eat, how to play and when to pack up. How we deal with it so far? Plenty of praises, be empathic in a way expressing his emotion on behalf, stopping to yell 'No' unless an absolute necessary, distractions and of course – more love and compassion. Though we're not The Enlightened One but we hope to be on the way :).

Without much abnormally in eating, napping and sleeping, life for Austin is all about play, play and more play! We are blessed to be paired up with a great partner - the staff in Austin's play school. Not only fun, the place provides Austin an excellent environment to interact with his peers. Though Austin can't express it, we can sense he enjoys going to his school. Grabbing his shoes right away when I tell him we are going to school and reluctantly leaving the school's premise (or the playhouse to be more precise) when we go to pick him up. He is practically treating his school like his home now - and no longer his second home! We are not sure how soon the day will come when Austin tells me "Mommy, I am not coming home. I want to stay overnight in my school!". Phew!


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