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No doubt we move into parenting on the fly, but my spouse and I have no regret. With Austin coming into our life, we are certainly richer. Richer in family ties, loaded with love and a spike of knowledge, not only the how-to in parenting but planning, cooking, crafting, recycling, and the learning to live better. In a blink of an eye, we have passed the mark of 24-month or 2 years!! Unbelievable.

What we have accomplished so far?

It had never come across my mind that I can nurse up 24 months! And more :). Though breast milk is only a supplement, Austin still asks for a dose at least once a day, particularly at dawn so that he can continue to sleep until the sun sneaks in through the window.

With God's grace, Austin is blessed with great health. He was put up on test two months ago when he suffered from fever, above 38 deg C for a few days. Prescribed with azithromycin, bought home, we were still indecisive to feed him. God led us the answer, because the following morning Austin's temperature fell below the warning line.

Sounds like a 'feature' of a Malaysian’s restaurant, this little boy has never consciously tried pork. Neither we rush him to consume. Not anti-meat neither a vegan, Austin so far likes all kinds of fruits, vegetables, cookies, cakes and fish but not chicken.

If you define a bookworm (at this stage) is someone who likes to flip pages of a book, I guess Austin is one of them. Books are something that always fancy him, getting him occupied more than one time in a day. Nowadays, he reads out the numbers, stated the pages.

Reciting Numbers
Barely two years old, Austin can recite up to 99! Do not expect him to start with one, two, three but any number that fancy him perhaps 27, 38 or 79. He loves to count, in alternating in such when we call out one number, he would count on with the next number in the row, then expecting us take our turn diligently as he recites his numbers until 99!

Mastering Shapes
Started with chopsticks, he arranges them, turning into shapes and numbers. Whether it is a pack of animals, Jenga blocks or MegaBlok, Austin can spend hours making shapes and numbers. His favorite number are 17, 77 and 71, because they are the easiest to position! Consistently jumping out from his mouth are diamond, tra-pe-zium, hexagon (hex-gon), pen-ta-gon, rec-tan-gle, tri-angle, square (s-ker), circle, semi circle and heart. Sometimes, he would bring over something, asking us to help designing one that he calls out. Like to reshuffle numbers on his counting tiles, at the same time able to decipher in accordance to the changes he made e.g. 49 (fourty nine), 46 (fourty six), 64 (sixty four) and 94 (ninety four). Good at spotting patterns, shapes, colors of all varieties from tiles on floor or bed sheet prints.

Color and draw - certainly! Improve with harder strokes and targeted objects. Broken crayon, missing crayons, rolling crayons are parts of the fun.

English speaking
We pick English not because it is an international language but this lingo is what we are comfortable the most. Austin can call out his name pretty precisely. Started to make brief sentences in two to four words such as so many blocks, heart shape, seventy one. At times, he can imitate what we utter particularly when he understood what is happening around. Hard to pronounce some words that contains q, o, w, th as of now. Therefore, numbers such as one, two, three are spoken by default sound as 'te-te'. Same goes for poo, it is challenging to catch when Austin said 'Mommy poo' at which he means  he has just poo-ed!

Rushing to toilet
Recently, I noticed Austin rushed to stay in toilet when pooing! Not sure why he does this way, but guess this is the clue that he is ready to be completely diaper-free.

Growing up
Austin finally calls me Mom-my (and not Mom-mom anymore), not when he needs to be rescued but only when he is the good mood :). One of the best Christmas gifts this year though it arrives a couple months ahead!



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