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Home LOGGING Milestone Austin @ 25 months

LM_ToddlerInSunshadeGod's creation - human is truly amazing. From a helpless tiny guy weighed less than 3 kg, Austin stands more 84 cm in height and over 10.5 kg after 25 months on earth. And this guy is talking constantly!!
A Chatter.
Yes, precisely. Whether he is asking for his favorite food, requesting us to play his favorite video clips or going for nap, he speaks to us in English, in the manner that one can understand. Striking conversations, forming short phrases such as eat biscuit, get down, open door, build big circle, ten in the bed, blow little bubbles, so many cars, go to bed, twinkle twinkle little stars - all these pop out of sudden despite his compulsive counting on numbers, reciting shapes and colors at which still on-going.

He is also very good at imitating if he wants to. Taking less than a couple practice, repeating after his momma, Austin jazzed up an evening, wishing his father 'Happy Birthday Daddy'!!

Strangely, he knows how to repeat when we play double-double, giving examples to me for 'Mommy Mommy', 'star star', 'semi circle semi circle' etc.


A few weeks ago, Austin surprised us that he can 'sing' Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Vomiting out line by line, he followed exactly the lyrics, made it until the last line - like a diamond in the sky, though he needs more practice to sound melodious. Since then, he often 'sings' a few rhymes e.g. London Bridge, Ring a ring roses and pretend falling down! A couple days ago, before he fell asleep, I overheard a soft voice vocalizing 'Ten Little Indians'! This is getting more interesting, soon we can sell off our audio player!

Striving for Independence.
Sounds like we have a little freedom fighter at home. A stage that most literature refer to 'The Terrible Two', kids are often seen to be more demanding, rebelling, and at times testing the limit of their parents. Saying Austin doesn't demonstrate any of the signs isn't accurate, neither he is an extremist. We do see signs, on and off. To deal with it, we exercise D.O.W. - we pull in a lots of distraction to switch his attention, giving options for the little man to choose and talking to him in logical manner, providing reasons to our actions, why for the do and don't. So far, so good, we're still sane :).

Continue on with food, Austin is pretty good with spoon. Going slowly, with half go into mouth and half on the floor, he certainly needs more practice. Unless we are eating out or ready for the clean up, most of the time I take over so that food can be gone in less than 30 minutes for 3 main meals, leaving snacks or finger foods to himself to dwell.

Eating is no longer a big challenge yet we are still struggling. This time to keep up with his eating pace. He can eat practically every hour, perhaps it is something to do with growth spurt. However, that doesn't mean Austin takes in everything. Very much prefer biscuit of all variety, pancake, bread, bun, potato, sweet potato, banana, orange, kiwi, salmon but not porridge and durian. Like Father, like Son, Austin is more or less inheriting what his Daddy's favorite.

If we were invited to your house this Christmas, please keep your cookies for other guests out of sight. Or, be prepared to solve the mystery of 'missing' cookies! Don't say I didn't warn you :).

If I were not a momma, I wouldn't know that a 2 year-old child can understand beyond a fair bit of simple stuff. Hard to believe but we had successfully made deals with Austin. For instance, he wants us to turn on his favorite video clip - Ten In The Bed. Before rushing to play it, we ask Austin to drink some water at which is immediate gratification. He follows our way but we have to keep our promise. The bottom line, there is no nonsense neither empty promise. He knows it. Do it or do not offer - that the rule we play for this game.

Baby Reader.
I swear I heard Austin read out 'We See Shapes' when he looked at a book cover recently. Exactly, that is the line on the front cover. Either he has a very good memory since I had read it to him before, or Austin has started to read without we know it.

Bugging bugs.
A week after second birthday, Austin caught a notorious bug. Diagnosed with secondary bacterial infection, doctor prescribed Augmentin for him - the first dose of antibiotic. The days of antibiotic-free finally ended.

Stomach flu followed two weeks after. Continuously excreting watery stools for 4 to 5 times one afternoon, there was no better word to describe - Austin had diarrhea. With probiotics, plenty of water and soft diet, Austin was back to himself after 24 hours. Something we learned from this experience, abstaining from dairy products does help because these foods tend to upset the stomach. 

A Happy Topless Guy
Taking off his shirts is the best thing to do at home nowadays. Austin would remain calm, cheerful for a long time. But with a cloth covering his flesh, he easily get irate, like a grumpy old man, and everything does not seem right in his way!! To get him putting on the clothes before we head out of home, we have to inform him in advance. Giving him the right expectation, plenty of reasoning why he has to cover up his body as well as how much we dislike the noises and grouses - the last approach somehow works out most of the time. He does take care of our feeling, and we often tell him we appreciate. Sometimes, I wonder if we really do have a kid at home? Or someone who can't wait to grow up?

Place – Playground with Slide/Tunnel
Play – Blowing Bubbles, Spinning himself
Show - The Great Big Bubbles
Cartoon Character - Nouky
Video Clip - Ten In The Bed
Rhyme - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Food - Biscuits, Breads & Pancakes
People - Dearest Mommy & Daddy

Aside from waking up crying at some occasions, Austin is a happy, smiling boy. Everything else scores almost perfect 10. We are keeping our fingers crossed, hoping and wishing as time moves forward, things are falling on progressive curves.


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