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Home LOGGING Milestone Austin @ 26 months old

By coming Christmas, Austin ages over 2 years and 2 months! With a chatty little man around, our new year certainly welcomes more delightful surprises!
From walking to running, now Austin is jumping. Whether he tells us that 'Austin jumps' or we ask 'Do you like to jump Austin?", he is likely to bend his knees lowering his calves, pushing his body up and head shoots up to the sky.
Riding on a trike
Feet on the pedals and hands on the handles, this is like compulsive statement whenever Austin asks us to push him on his trike or tricycle. Like getting on and off, pretty independent with it, even more fond to make the trike moves around everywhere. 

I doubt this is a toddler's development milestone, but Austin is into math. Whether they are screws, circles, cups or blocks, he began to put numbers when assigning a group of objects. When I asked him "How many stars are there on your potty?", then he would start to point and count on 1, 2, 3... He also loves to build numbers and shapes with wooden blocks e.g. 1, 7, 8, 3, triangle, square.
Continue counting on over 100, Austin can make it up to one hundred and ninety nine when he is in the mood to recite numbers especially on a car ride.

One day, we took out the handy-man tool set to play. Opened wide, we noticed the rectangular container was partitioned to make 3 little compartments. After Austin had emptied the screw compartment, he told me "Finished, empty, no more, the end!". At first, I didn't quite get it until I glanced over, then I found out he was referring to the screw compartment. What made me wonder for a few days was how did he figured out 'empty, no more, the end and finished' are synonyms. 
Trust me, Austin has dreamed of shapes, numbers and colors, he keeps calling them out while he is sleeping!

Best Friends
You'd have guessed it, Austin's best friends are star, heart, trapezium, pentagon, oval, semi circle and all kind of shapes. As the light goes off at night, we usually exchange kisses and good night wishes, and Austin seldom forgets his favorite line "Good night star, good night semi circle, good night trapezium, ....". Only the last two nights, he began to wish "Good Night Mommy!". At last! 

Larger feet means another pair of new shoes. Size 24, though half an inch larger than his feet. He tends to be pretty selective on which shoes to put on because he can help himself with flip-flop unassisted. 
Potty Training
Behind for a while, we are back on this milestone. Beginning December, Austin was stripped off diaper during the day. First day, we missed out more than a few times and he peed on floor in desperation. It could be the attachment to diaper that made him not comfortable to pee naked. To encourage him, we gave him a star sticker whenever the urine was excreted in potty. We ended the first day with only two stars. Tremendous improvement on second day, at least he told us 'make bubble' because he noticed that the urine created bubbles when it hit the potty's bottom. And we run out of star stickers to compliment him! On the second week, he told us "wee..wee". After two solid weeks, diaper is on only during a long car ride/outdoor and while he is sleeping. No diaper in school as well. Thanks to the co-operative staff, it seems he is doing okay to excrete into little toilet. Austin is also pretty comfortable to poo in potty. I guess the learning process was pretty smooth and swift because Austin is talking, so he can tell us whenever he has the urge to pee/poo.

Despite I am happy to nurse Austin for more than 2 years, I am equally happy to give up now :). It had never came across my mind that weaning Austin is just like a snap of fingers. But I did it! A mom-led weaning from breastfeeding, I tested the ground by covering boobs with bra all the time. And one evening, I told Austin "Milk is finished, empty, no more!". He looked disappointed walking away, but he didn't fuss although he was hoping for a turnaround.

It is as if I am writing for a year end performance review, as I topped up with an amazing discovery about Austin. We found out that he can read. Literally. No longer observing the words and pointing to the object but vocalize or read out the exact words. We heard. Started talking like a train, Austin then surprised us when he can read over 300 words primarily from sight words flash cards (e.g. I am, their, she, can play), Ready For School flash cards (e.g. colors, shapes, numbers, animals, objects), board books and toddler’s story books. He is our little navigator these days, shouting 'The Light' as we cruise along Tun Lim Chong Yu Expressway and warn us 'No Parking Clamping Zone' at parking bay. Find out our journey in teaching kids to read at home, that we introduced a whole word rather than stressing on alphabet.

Eating, water intake and sleeping score great grades. Nap for a stretch over 2 hours in the afternoon, he is pretty consistent as long as he has an active morning. Seeing how Austin is progressing so far is not only pleasing, I am gratified and thrilled at the same time. We thank God for His blessing. Let me tell you, I am on the most rewarding career of my life as a mother!!
Have a Blessed Christmas & Happy New Year!


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