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Folks, Colors is our family name!

What is your name? "Colors!", said Austin.
What is your Mommy's name? "Colors!", said Austin.
What is your Daddy's name? "Colors!", said Austin.

LM_Austin27mo2Oh gosh!! I'd just known that our family name is Colors!! Well, Austin can be tricky at times so if I want him to seriously answer, then we have to negotiate. In one instance, Austin looked desperate, needing help to unpack a puzzle box. Then, I told him that he had to answer my questions exactly so that I can unpack the box in return. So, this time when I asked him again "What is your name?". Within seconds, he quipped "Austin!". Similarly go for our first names. Folks, if you came across Austin Colors some day, that boy must be this little cheeky guy!

A safe place to play, that's our aim of sending Austin to school. If you were to ask me how much he has learned from school, I have no answer. But one thing for sure, Austin plays very hard. He comes home every afternoon flat. After showering and a little snack, he dozes off within minutes for a stretch over 2-3 hours. He is off diaper in school. Except after lunch, Austin tends to confuse poo with wee wee so the staff prefer to put him on until the business is over.

Tidy up and keep his books/toys after playing, we notice Austin demonstrated independence, takes up responsibility. Cheeky and jovial, he also jumps, dances and sings a lot (and kind of melodious these days), absolutely from what he experiences in play school.

Whether Austin is giving me answer or not, I usually ask him "How's your day?" after he arrives home. One day, he mumbled all kind of colors including dark green, dark blue and light purple. Seeing his fingernails tainted with watercolor mark, I knew they were probably painting in school. And to my surprise, he pointed to our wash basin and told me "light white", then refer to water hose as "dark white". Yup, both are white in color but how do you differentiate a light white from a dark one? I am still puzzling! 

Power of Concentration
While other kids come and go, taking over the play station next to him, Austin was hooked on this game for almost 30 minutes at IKEA. Daddy went to a hardware outlet so I thought it was a good idea to keep him at play zone after we checked out. In fact, it was a GREAT idea!! 

Austin reads everything. Telling us "The green C is stuck on the door!", he was referring to the door stopper actually. From shoes lace that looked like a 'K' to a fork that he'd call 'Y', he sees alphabet in his perspective. He also began to crown first letter to the words that he speaks out e.g. A for Austin, B for banana, C for coconut, G for gears, W for wee wee. He also can read both capital and small letters without struggling, inclusive a mixed of both in a word e.g. GoD. Apparently, he likes to make new words then pronounce them e.g. CKOG (see-kog), DOGP (dog-pee). And we're wondering why?

Observed alongside, Austin does practice to use 'and' in his sentences. Parroting sentences he heard as long as the line captures his attention including Chinese, local dialects and silly expressions e.g. Ouch.., Oh no! Oh goodness!

Honestly, it is hard to understand how the brain of our little guy works. One day, Austin told me 'o.n.e. one, t.w.o. two'! From someone who reads numbers, now he spells. I clarified with his teacher whether they taught spelling in school but she didn't. Neither do we at home. His teacher however told me that she spotted Austin spelled out "s.i.x six, s.e.v.e.n. seven." 

No sign Austin is anywhere close. In fact, we are still struggling to figure out which is his dominant hand since he can scribble with both. His best masterpiece is colors of a thousand circles. As he drew, he mumbled the labels of the crayons.
I didn't expect Austin to have such a long memory. When I showed Austin our family photos, he called out accurately 'yi yi, gong gong, Zhe-Wen'. He also can learn by heart, recalling every lines in his latest favorite book - Number One, Tickle My Tum. 

Recent Play
When I introduced floor puzzle to Austin a few months ago he wasn't that interested. However, in the past two weeks, this toy is Austin's must have at home. He knows where we keep it, so he'd pester us to help him with "Beginning Skills". Yeah, this phrase is the largest font on the box so we have to correct him the stuff inside is actually floor puzzle. So far, he is very good at fixing 'Shapes', all by himself.

Like to build words, we use alphabet flash cards to introduce Austin new words in addition to wooden blocks, gears and rings. In spite of the limitation, he enjoys putting the letters together and read out aloud.

Daddy..London Bridge – this is a compulsive play before bedtime. Rocking and falling, Austin tends to giggle as Daddy falls on him.

Where are the 4 places to sleep on?
"Four places to sleep on - pillow, bolster, bed and crib not Mommy neither Daddy." Guess what? Austin repeats this line every night after I had been telling him over a week :). He is still sleeping on our bed since the day we allowed him to move in. Think of it, it is kind of regret because this is going to be tough putting him back on his bed!

Questions & Answers
"How old are you?"
"Where do you live?"
"Who always say 'Be Careful'?"

Absolutely not a million dollar questions, but this little man likes to give you the answers..



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