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Austin is our little ‘angel’ who plays incredibly hard every minute, every moment!

To Austin, schooling is certainly fun. Even after a long CNY festive break, Austin walked into his school happily. He is no longer on diaper except while he is sleeping. Did I tell you Austin spoons food with his left hand? He eats by himself, self feeding for snacks, lunch and dinner. Pooing on little toilet at school and potty at home. He also puts on his pair of flip-flop independently. From sleep, eat, nap and play, we sense that he is completely contented!

Austin can practically read any words under the sun as long as he wants to. In addition to simple and brief vocabulary, he can also read slightly more complex words e.g. confident, fantastic, design, January, December and even Spanish or Bahasa Malaysia!! But please bear with his English phonics as he assumes all alphabetical words are English :).

Began with shapes e.g. circle, square, oval, he is getting a step closer to amateur or better put it - Austin is an abstract artist at this stage.

No doubt, Austin inherits the gene of his beloved Dad. He picks up lyrics and tunes pretty fast. And he can even sing the Chinese version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars and One, Two, Three Little Indians at which his Mom is still struggling with!

Yes, I am not joking. At 28 mo, Austin has picked up 'fighting' skill. Or better put it as a self-defense skill. Not something that I am proud of as a Mom but in reality, Austin is boy who will turn out to be a man. I doubt there is any man on earth that had never involved in a fight. Here is the story...

One evening, Daddy took Austin to playground. As usual, Austin likes to climb up stairway, crawling in tunnel and pushing himself on the slide. Since it was a public area, there were other kids around. Our Spanish neighbor's boy happened to be around too. That day when he went near Austin, he brushed Austin's nose a few times with his hand then ran away. Austin looked irate so he chased after him. Grabbing on his collar, Austin stopped the boy then wrestled him to the ground as if the boys were hugging each other. When I asked Daddy why he didn't stop them, he said the scene looked harmless so, he allowed Austin to resolve it himself. Aha!

In the end, Austin shrieked aloud indicating he needed help. That boy's mom rushed over after realizing the boys were 'fighting', not hugging so she pulled her son away. As soon as Austin saw the boy got scolded, he stopped crying. So, what was in the mind of our little Austin in the first place? You tell us.

Counting Days In A Week
I never recall counting seven days in a week was such a fun thing. Guess what? One day Austin came home, began looking at his fists. Then, he raised up his thumb on right hand and started to say "Sunday", followed by index finger up for "Monday", middle finger for "Tuesday", ringer finger for "Wednesday", pinky for "Thursday". Then, go on to his left fist then raised up the thumb for "Friday" and index finger for "Saturday"!

Sounds amazing? That's not about it, he had yet finished... the lyrics of the song goes this way:
There are 7 days, There are 7 days, There are 7 days in a week!
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday...
AustinCountsOne1 AustinCountsTwo
AustinCountsThree HappyBoy

Many thanks to his dedicated teachers. He certainly picked up learned the name of days from school. I swear, we had never shared this with him.

Besides that, Austin practices with all his fingers to count from 1 to 10. And he enjoys sharing that with Mickey - his new friend at home. Well, we had just found out that he begins to like stuffed toy, that was once ago not his favorite.

Playing puzzle - expert with 12 large-piece of cardboard kind. The 4 sets of Beginning Skills from Melissa & Doug that are made of 12-piece of floor puzzle are quickly formed up by the little hands, as simple as ABC.
BoardBookDesign1 BoardBookDesign2

Austin is moving on to Shape Shuffle (from The Learning Journey) whereby he loves to manipulate the shapes, designing them into boat, snake, happy face or anything he likes.

From board books, gears, rings to anything, Austin loves to compose symmetrical designs. And he always makes sure they are very precise. Very meticulous little man. A word of warning, never destroy his designs or be ready for his endless scream!

Side Thing
The only downside is the bugs. Once a month challenge, we still have to deal with it particularly mild runny nose and cough. In order to make him feel comfortable, we sometimes administer anti-histamine or cough syrup. To our surprise, Austin is kind of cool and calm with medicine and syringe. He doesn't retaliate neither struggle anymore, instead cooperating by placing his head on our lap so that the medicine can go into his mouth comfortably. Personally, I'm impressed that he is matured and listen to our advance notice explaining that in to him why that he needs to take the medicine.

Austin and his nephew were into Mahjong during Lunar New Year!

I know we're late..but still in time to wish you:
Xin Nian Kuai Le
Nian Nian You Yi - literally means may every year (and everything) comes in abundance!


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