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Home LOGGING Milestone Austin @ 29 months

Highly energized, play all time, Austin is going to hit 30 months old in no time!

LM_Toddler29mo Sleeping
Despite an active morning, lately we are struggling to put Austin to nap in the afternoon on weekends. Though I pretend to nap, then dozing off for minutes, Austin still merrily plays showing no sign of exhaustion. Thank God for complete darkness at night. With vision challenged after we turn off the light, at least Austin calms down and puts his head on pillow!

'Kiasu' Spirit
Moving on from simple conversation, Austin seems to go beyond. One day, while we were walking to our car, Austin started to count 1 to 10. Daddy then challenged Austin, saying that he could count from 11 to 30.

Guess what Austin responded?
"Austin can count from 30 to 100!", he replied and quickly counting on.

Speaking Mandarin
Wee-wee used to be pee-ing and poo-ing for Austin. Now, it was no longer valid. Austin tells us when he really want to pass motion. And he calls his nanny for 'Da Bien' in school, that literally means pass motion in Mandarin. His class teacher spotted him trying to converse Chinese in school however, he didn't demonstrate that at home.

Playing play dough
To my surprise that Austin seems to enjoy pressing and squeezing with Play Doh modeling compound though he didn't enjoy our last baking session. Perhaps the striking colors of Play Doh are hard to resist instead the plain white, sticky wheat dough.

Spinning with Eye-Shut
Not something Austin picks up in school, perhaps from the bedtime story we have been reading to him. These days he likes to spin with his eyes shut, pretending he can't see you. Very cheeky!

Cute Phrases
Austin: Everyone sleeps, three people sleep. One Mommy, Two Daddy, Three Austin.
Austin: Only one, only two, only three...
Austin: The blue book says..., the blue book again...

What happen when you give Austin a box of color pencils?
Yes, he holds it, then scribbles for seconds. A few minutes later, this little man designed a '4', 2 triangles or a spoke that he called 'star'!

Color: Orange & White.
Play house: Tunnel slide.
Toy: Shape Shuffle.
Rhyme: Ten Little Indians.
Book: Errh..not sure!
Fruit: all ripe ones including jackfruit, banana, kiwi, pitaya, orange, papaya.
Cuisine: Japanese.
Food: Bread.
Vegetable: Pumpkin & Sweet Potato.
Fish: Salmon.
Game: Catch me if you can! (adapted from a book - I love you always and forever)
Potty: Sky blue one (medium-sized).
Parent: Both Dad & Mom. He can hardly survive with one of us is being away!

Have a blessed Easter weekend!


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