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Austin is turning 3!! Time really flies. From a tiny baby that only eat, sleep and cry, today Austin is a little bubbly boy that plays all the time, eats 6 meals a day, naps 1-2 hours in the afternoon and sleeps 9-10 hours at night.

Self-service when it comes to favorite foods such as egg, salmon, fruits (apple, dragon fruit, banana), bread, cereal (honey stars/cheerios), cookies, fries, cake, pancake, bread-cake and all its alike. However still need a bit of push when it comes to family staple e.g. rice, porridge, vegetables and meats. Graduated baby chair, he climbs up on IKEA's (Ingolf Junior) high chair for meals.

Little Helper
Small in size gives the disadvantage to put Austin sitting on toilet bowl, thus potty is still his best friend when it comes to peeing/pooing at home. All by himself, Austin even helps to dump his own 'output' into the toilet. The only thing is he is too short to reach the flush button, thus we still have to assist him.

Most of time, Austin would bring his dishes to kitchen after his meals. After changing, he would toss the dirty clothes into laundry basket. Occasionally, he'd help to change bed cover because he is keen to get the bed/pillows/bolsters naked then dress them up again. Of course, he loves the fun of jumping on the bed, that's perhaps the main reason this little guy is 'helping'.

His Way
Sometimes, he sounds angelic but the next moment, he can get quite emotional, stress out over little things that go out of his ways. Austin has preference back in his mind. If you wish to argue with him, throw in facts (I really mean facts, because this boy is going to tell the whole world what you say!) and give him some kind of pep talk. Otherwise, it is unlikely to work. If it doesn't work, then consider to pull in some distractions.

I bet he is likely to share with you the story of an African boy when he meets you one day.

Story of An African Boy
On week day morning, Daddy leaves early to work. So, Austin is frustrated of not seeing Daddy the first thing in the morning. Sometimes, he would cry "I don't want Daddy to go to work!". Then, I'd tell him, "Let Mommy tell you the story of an African boy".

Well, this is my version to convince him why Austin's Daddy has to go to work.
Daddy has to go to work to earn some money so that we can buy oat milk and foods e.g. cereal, cakes. African boy's Daddy doesn't go to work and they don't have money. So African boy only drinks water from river and eat berries from the jungles. Sometimes, his Dad would go hunting then they would have deer or wild boar on the table. When the African boy goes hungry, he'd go from houses to houses, and those children that didn't finish their food, their mommies would offer to the African boy.

I know I sound prejudice and racist. Thousand apologies from the bottom of my heart! Nonetheless, I believe I have to cook up something decent to satisfy this child. I know it is unfair to use names e.g. Ali, Ah Kow, Ramasamy or John because they are the circle of his friends. Since Africa is a land far, far away, so I guess it is safe to label it now.

Shapes & Sides
If you were to ask Austin, what shape has 3 sides, he can instantly answer "triangle", "square" has 4 sides, pentagon has 5 sides, hexagon has 6 sides, heptagon has 7 sides, octagon has 8 sides, 9 sides for "nanogon" and 10 sides for a "star".

One day, Austin asked me "How about 1 side?". I bit my lip, trying to figure out. And he told me "A line!!". Then, he continued "2 lines is a seven".

OMG! I lost the battle to a barely 3 yo child! Cheeky or smart, he could be both (because he is mine :))

Out of sudden on one evening, Austin asked, "What is AMD?". Oh dear, I thought he must had over-heard our conversation about AMD and Intel's microprocessors. Before I could answer, he shouted "Austin Mommy Daddy!".

So, I am now well prepared for all combinations, be it MAD, DAM, ADM, MDA or DMA. Anymore? 3 factorial = 6, right?

WhoIsOnPlayHouse WhoIsTallerThanRoof

Music & Keyboard
Austin is into music lately. From doing 'Chicken Dance' to playing keyboard, Austin has a bit of talent compares to his Mom. He can play 'Twinkle twinkle little stars' with one finger though, following the numerical notes.

If Austin has 2 wooden blocks, Daddy has 3 wooden blocks and Mommy has 4 wooden blocks, how many wooden block are there in total? After a few seconds, Austin yelled, "Nine!!".

Simple mind additions or alike that Austin can solve:
14 + 3 = 17
15 + 5 = 20
13 +1 = 14 or 21 + 1 = 22.

And there was once, he came home and repeated "2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24" numerous times. Yeah, blame it on the traditional multiplication tables that prompt the kids to learn by heart.

From addition, multiplication, these days Austin has moved on to subtraction. We are still curious on how and what actually trigger him to pose subtraction questions to us. Thank God, these are itsy bitsy mind teaser to us.

We'd never really taught Austin subtraction. However, there were occasions that Austin was counting the number of people in the lift. After 2 people walked out, we'd prompt him to arithmetic question e.g. "After 2 walked out, how many people are there in the lift?". He would adjust to tally with the people who left behind. I guess he grasped it because he demonstrated passing the following subtraction test and alike.

Five minus two is three (5-2 = 3)
Two minus four is negative two (2-4 = -2)
Three minus five is minus two (3-5 = -2)
Two minus two is zero (2-2 = 0)
One hundred minus one hundred is zero (100-100=0)

Secret Agents
Anyone that interacts with Austin would have known that he has a strong affinity towards numbers. Months ago, he demonstrated his passion through his designs e.g. building 66 from mega blocks.

Recently, he labeled himself Agent 6. Influenced of his favorite show 'Number Jack', he assigned 1 to Mom and 4 for Dad. In fact, we are all double agents. (Austin is actually 5 and 6, Mommy is 1 and 7, Daddy is 4 and 8). These numbers are fixed. Sometimes, he would call me Agent 1 instead of Mommy. African boy is Agent 20. And so do all his friends, cousins and relatives. Everyone that he knows, he would assign them with a number including his nanny, his teacher, his friends' daddies and our neighbors!

If you are keen to know what number is yours, have a secret rendezvous with Agent 6!

Learning Chinese
From a little chatter in English, Austin begins to learn Chinese. A child-led initiative, he seems to push us to pick up Chinese as well. From colors, shapes, whatever that come across his thought, Austin would ask,"What is purple called in Chinese?". What is "car moves on the road" called in Chinese? What is oat milk called in Chinese?

Of poor Chinese background, these questions are really taking my head to spin. My best answer so far, "Why don't you ask Miss Amanda (his playschool teacher) tomorrow?".

And few days ago, he is into Hokkien dialect e.g. What is eat called in Hokkien?

Pretend Play
Alone or in a group, he loves it! Narrating his own stories as he plays. And he has been speaking to his animal toys exactly like how I nag to him when he refuses his meals. Oh dear!
Bake cake, Serve cake, Eat cake
In the past 2 weeks, Austin made large square cakes from mega block more than a few times. With candles, he then invited us to sing birthday song. Austin would later pretend to cut and serve us the cake. "Mommy Daddy, I want a lot of cakes!", Austin had hinted to us what he'd wish for the coming birthday. Though he may not understand the concept of time, day or month accurately, he knows the exact date of his birthday, Daddy's birthday, Mommy's birthday, even he wanted to know his grands birthday. Know why? This boy loves cake, he can live with CAKE alone 24/7 365 days a year!

Happy Birthday Austin ;)











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Many thanks YiYi, YiChang & Mika GeGe :lol:
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Happy Birthday Austin!!
Cheers : YiYi, YiChang&Mika ;-)

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