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Home LOGGING Milestone Austin @ 30 months

Austin hits 30 months old! From a baby that was less than half of his present size, Austin is walking, running, jumping, talking a lot, eating every 2-3 hours and playing very hard! Smart for his age, he is our ultimate joy even when everything else fails!
Perhaps Austin is in a relationship, he seems to tell us a lot about CJ, a little girl in his play school. When I went to pick him one day, I saw him placing his palm on his mouth, offering a flying kiss to bid good bye. Only to the girl! Not to his teacher neither his beloved nanny. Or perhaps she is his best friend and his mommy is thinking too much :)

Peer Pressure
Though time and tide have converted Austin to a nice-bubbly little man, he however is still a human. Being human means we have certain needs and preferences. Whenever we are opting for him that is going against his freewill, he usually strictly refuses. Until we bring his peers into the pictures. It helps. For example, to persuade him to quench his thirst, I have to sometimes tell him, "Vivian is drinking water at home now, so Austin also has to take some water."

7 Colors of The Rainbow
Seven sounds like a magical number. If you follow Austin's progress, he had mastered the seven days in a week. And recently, Austin tells us about the 7 colors in the rainbow. Exact and in this sequence: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Voilet (ROY G BIV). This sounds like he picked up from 'Here Comes Science' DVD.

Reading clock
Before the light goes off at night...
Daddy: Austin, what is the time now?
Austin: Twenty-one, thirty eight (21:38 hr = 9:38pm)
To our surprise, he seems to know where are the number to refer to on digital clocks in our house/vehicles.

Counting up to 100,000
In one breathe, Austin can count from 1 up to 100. He spotted two hanging S-hook for flower pot of our neighbor's and told me 'twenty two' (22). With favorite over binary numbers i.e. 1 and 0, Austin always tells us 'one one' is eleven (11) and 'one one one is one hundred and eleven (111). And recently, he also read 1000 for one thousand and 10,000 for ten thousand. And, I swear that I heard him saying 1 and 5 zero is one hundred thousands! If you write and show him 1000 000, he'd certainly tell you "one million" without hesitant :)

Challenging eczema
This downside has been with us since babyhood. For some reasons, Austin had healed from the one behind his right knee after he turned two. Alas, the one on the bottom of right earlobe is rather stubborn. Red, peeling and scabbing at times. I refuse to apply cortisone kind of cream but his Daddy would sometimes rub for a course to prevent it from getting worse. Austin doesn't really take cow's milk or wheat that much though. Perhaps the heat and sweat lately that makes it worsen.

Listening to phone
Alert, he knows when our phones are ringing. Begin to enjoy talking to 'nine nine' (paternal granny) and 'four four' (maternal granny) on the phones.

To my surprise, Austin can spell out his name a.u.s.t.i.n. in addition to mummy and daddy!

Blame it on the DNA thing, Austin loves to design primarily shapes and numbers from anything he could grab, from board books to Jenga blocks.
Missing Daddy
Hubby is gone for days. But I don't think I am the only that is missing him. First night, Austin refused his supper, instead he kept asking for Daddy. After a little struggle, I managed to console him and bring him to bed. But again, he couldn't sleep without the hugs and kisses from Daddy. Things were better on the following nights. However after a week, Austin still will be looking for Daddy during bedtimes. Daddy and Austin usually have the role play of Long tail and Little tail, as they read together every night and that certainly brings smiles to his face before light goes off. In the evening when the phone rings, he will smile and shout "Daddy!" If the phone still doesn't ring, he'd tell me "Talk to to Daddy".

Absence certainly makes the heart grows fonder :)


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