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Home LOGGING Milestone Austin @ 32 months

People say life after 30 rocks. Exactly, Austin after 30 months old is constantly playing, looking for peers to play all the time!

You & Me
Confusing you and me. Austin tends to make sentence referring me as 'you', learning literally from how we talk to him.

Austin usually says,"Mommy takes you to school from home. Daddy takes you from school to home."

Here, 'you' actually means himself (me) at which we are still helping him to correct it with 'me'.
Certainly getting wild! What he had viewed on TV, be it the character, conversation lines, objects or the stories, he can describe pretty in details. Besides requesting for his favorite show 'The Lost Letter L', he designed a red vacuum, a log then replay the show with him starring the role as 'frog' while his Mom is a 'dog' and his Dad is a 'duck' - in his version. So if you happen to peek at our house, you'd be wondering if the people are insane - seeing our little 'frog' jumping, hearing 'dog' barking then a man duck-walking :-).

Self feeding
Though Austin is not 100% on his own to complete a main meal, he is getting there. Spooning looks easier on his tiny fingers. From bread, raisins, fruits or biscuits, snacking is totally on his own as well as drinking from cup whether beverage or water.

We're trying to console ourselves that a little bit of TV screening isn't that bad after all. On week days, Austin doesn't have chance to view. If he does, it is less than an hour of TV, however weekend averagely he spends an hour or more on TV. We need a little break despite the fact that we are full time entertainers to this little man who is never tired as long as he is awake.

The great thing is we found that Austin also listens pretty well. To calm him, at times we only play the audio of his favorite shows and they are as good as the TV screening. 

BTW, we have a couple of drinking water songs and one of them that ends with ahhh.

Giving way or laid-back?
Something obvious that I observe, Austin tends to give way to older kids or more active kids if they happen to tackle the same play house, stairway or slides. He'd back off, reverse his action and intention if others rushed over. I am glad that he is 'cool', learning to share, taking turn or giving way. In spite of that, I hope that this doesn't lead to promote the laid-back attitude because his teacher told me that he is not a competitive kid :).

Traffic light
Austin placed 3 circles vertically, of different colors and he called it traffic light. Yup, he is right and apparently, Austin always shouts out "red to stop", "green - Daddy can go" and "yellow - ready to stop Daddy!".

Befriending his doc
Perhaps the role play he had in school or perhaps he started to understand doctor is a good guy. He told me 3 days in a row that he wanted to see Uncle K (his pediatrician) instead of going to school after recovering from stomach flu. Did I tell you he hug his doctor before leaving his office lately? And Austin also thanked him in person verbally!

First number that looks the most perfect – 6! Austin didn’t write with pen with magnetic alphabet :P.

Interesting Vocabulary: Highlights
Stethoscope! He told me Vivian is a doctor and she used stethoscope.
Sub, telescope..

Interesting sentences: Highlights
Circle has no side. Triangle has 3 sides. Circle can roll.
Other people live on Level 12.
Just now, Austin eats (ate) dog's birthday cake. Now Mommy eats mommy's dog birthday cake. Daddy eats daddy's noodles.
Fold (a) square into halves, (it) becomes (a) rectangle.

After listening to Austin's favorite song, he told us "You (I) like to listen to something else."

Electric Car, Blood Mobile.
Foods: Nachos, Biscuits, Cheerios, Banana.
Drinks: Oat Milk & Water (phew!).
Toys: Everything as long as they are connected to him!

'Don't Want' & 'Help You'
I guess the angelic Austin is almost gone. We have had enough of 'don't want' for the rest of our life. Austin when in the protest mode or mood swing, this phrase keeps jumping out of his mouth. Consciously or unconsciously, I have no idea. He can mean it either literally or reversely. And things can get worse particularly during his recovery period from sickness i.e. recent stomach flu.

As much as Austin struggles for independence, doing lots of stuff by himself at the same time Austin tends to call out excessively for "Daddy helps you" or "Mommy helps you" rather than keep trying on his own.

These are the biggest challenge in this quarter!


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