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Home LOGGING Milestone Austin @ 34 months old

Austin is an amazing boy not because he is ours. He indeed is, keeps showering us with many surprises!

Only Wants Dad
In the past few months, Austin is no longer a Mommy's boy. This is the moment when "my Daddy is everything". Partly, Daddy is his primary playmate at home, while Mommy is the basic provider. Honestly, I am a broken hearted Mom but glad at the same time as this creates a stronger father-son bonding. To make me feel much better, research found that boys that play a lot with his Dad during the pre-school years tends to do perform better in social circle, academic and self-esteem later years ;).
Austin33mo_Climbing Austin33mo_ClimbingUp

Counting in his head
Living on high rise provides early exposure to Austin on what is the function and how an elevator works. Beyond that, our little one also enjoys announcing the number of people inside the lift, within seconds after we step into it. So, he is practically our ambassador, a cute way to break the ice with new neighbors! 
A trick or a sense of humor?
I always wanted to believe Austin is a little angel that is innocent and naive. Apparently, he is not. Sometimes this boy likes to tickle his Daddy and when Daddy asked him, "Who tickled Daddy just now?".

Guess what was Austin's answer "Mommy!!". OMG!
Austin33mo_BlockDesign Austin33mo_Write8
p.s. Do you notice the tiny yellow 8 next to the board?

Like it or not, Austin seems to be a perfectionist. From the way he arranged his cups, board books, build towers/staircase/vacuum/electric cars to how he manipulates the keys to open little doors, he can spends hours to accomplish what he wants. Repeating, retouching, fine tuning, all the ways to make sure all are checked in his way.

Remember everything
From the color of Uncle Patrick's t-shirt's at Auntie Jase's wedding to Mika's house number, Austin seems to have a good memory. Recalling numbers, colors, shapes, names in seconds while we're still struggling. He can even recall the story of Word World friends after we had stopped flashing more than a month.

Lingo, Speech & Mannerism
Apparently, Austin has been hearing us. We thought that he doesn't understand any other lingos apart from English. Guess we're fooled. He seems to understand a bit of Mandarin and Hokkien as well. We're running out of secret codes once he'd mastered Bahasa!

Austin has progressed to compose full sentences most of the time. And we insist for mannerism to be in place whenever we can. For instances:

Mommy..please help (me) to get the blue tooth brush. Thank you Mommy!
Austin sits on green chair and Daddy sits on red chair.
Austin wants to drink water in blue cup.
Austin wears blue shoes and Mommy wears black shoes.
Buy small slippers for you (me) so that small legs can fit.
Daddy is big, (his) toes are big.
I am sorry Daddy/Mommy! – asking forgiveness for his mischief actions.

And to my surprise, Austin seems to be generous in compliments.
"Good job Mommy for counting lots of numbers", quipped Austin as I ended at 100 after he was done quenching his thirst.

Comparing to his peers, I'd say Austin is an expressive boy. Opinionated, strong will and determine. Hence, he can be stubborn as well unless he was proven wrong. If he is pursuing something, the only way to counter his way is plenty of reasoning.

This somehow works the best to get things our way. For instance, to ask him stop shouting, we have to tell him “You’re likely to loose your voice”. Brushing teeth, so that his teeth will be pearly white and if not Austin's teeth will be yellow and fall off. Eating his meals because he wants to grow taller, jump higher and able to press the lift's button. Drinking water so that his hands to be 'brown' instead of 'no color' (pale). And all kinds of silly ideas that make senses.

That's said, there are also occasions that he could answer in opposite to rebel.

Daddy,"Daddy is going to bath because Daddy wants to get clean."
Austin,"(I) don't want Daddy to bath, (I) want Daddy to be dirty!".


Mommy,"Austin, would you like to give Mommy a hug?"
Austin, "(I) don't to hug Mommy. I want to hug Daddy."
Mommy,"If you're not coming to hug Mommy, Mommy would be sad"
Austin, "I don't want Mommy to be sad, (I) want Mommy to be happy!"

Oh so sweet!

Austin seems to understand the concept of addition and substraction. We leverage on Connectagons chips, asking him simple questions e.g. when you have 5 Connectagons and Daddy gives you 2 more, how many do you have?
or When you have 7 Connectagons and Daddy takes away 3, then how many do you have?

So far, Austin responded accurately.

First crush on Durian
As soon as we got into our truck from a durian stop in Balik Pulau, someone insisted to go home.

Austin cried,"(I) want to go home. (I) don't to go (to) playground. (I) want to go home, (I) don't want (to) playground!"

And we wondered why?

So, Daddy asked,"Why do you want to go home?"
Austin replied," (I) want to go home to eat durian!"

"Mommy will give you durian when we arrive at playground", reassured Mommy. Noise stopped instantaneously. See, the power of durian!

Self-Feeding - Though last quarter Austin insisted his parents to spoon him at home, Austin had progressed to use spoon and fork. Since the day we serve him with his favorite blue bowl and a pair of yellow cutlery, Austin has been sitting on high chair (not belted anymore), finishing everything on his own.

Putting on pants - Place pants on floor, Austin would sit down then push his legs into one side followed by the other. Once the legs go through, he'd stand up then pull up the pants to his waist.

Excreting - From taking off his pants to stand/sit on potty or aim into toilet bowl and flush, he can manage that himself.
And, we’re glad to have Austin on our vacation. His second country abroad, he enjoyed the plane ride, loader in action at Uluwatu Temple Park and beaches of Bali.


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