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Home LOGGING Milestone Austin @ 40 months

Fresh beginning, it is another year as we enter the new chapter of life. Interesting. Tons of discoveries. Our little buddy is considered an advanced little reporter, keep us informed all the times including the incidents in school's bathroom to classroom, the mischief happenings, at the playground or even at the neighborhood. All I know is that he puts all his senses at work simultaneously, extremely alert to his surroundings though despite being selective when it comes to peers to peers interaction. He picks friends.
Paying attention to details, he would make sure the colors and arrangement on his favorite alphabet plate must be perfect. I really mean it - PERFECT! He also listens to all the words that jump out of our mouth and began to 'correct' us when things don't seem right. And not to forget, this little man loves to scratch his parents or the people that he likes much. Watch out for a two-legged little tiger!!

Little Builder
With anything that he can reach (including large pieces of sofa scattered on floor to bite pieces of bread on plate and even chopsticks at sushi place!) he can turn them into his numbers (especially favorite 6) and alphabets. This little guy also into designing vehicles e.g. bus, truck, train and bicycles. His latest invention was some funky microphones, by assembling a sphere to a few magnetic rods, ended with installing each a number.
Did you notice Austin is making speech on his yellow-green microphone?

He also made a pizza, but claims himself as an engineer when we asked him. I however think he is a builder. Why? Because he told us he 'built' the pizza (below image) so he is not a cook.
This is a star (below image)!
Driving pass his house…or almost crashing into it?

First computer
I swear I would never buy him an iPad or a PC before he goes to school. Guess what, he built it out of his own imagination. Or after observing how our eyes are glued to monitors perhaps. He types, precisely hitting on each letter and as fast as he can as if he is working at his little desk.   

SAHB (Stay at home boy)
Hard to believe, we indeed have a homelike boy. I really mean a boy who likes very much to stay at home. He makes sure he would change into 'home' shirts and 'home' pants as soon as he reaches home. He insists for 'home' cooked food whenever we offer to take him out for dinner. It is heart-melting every time I heard him telling us "I don't want to go out for dinner. I wanna eat home cooked food". Well, that's why Daddy is also into cooking nowadays (and trust me, Dad's cooking is excellent!).

He eats almost everything under the sun. Literally, except hardy nuts, peanut butter and hawker foods. For foodstuff under the water, Austin is only up for decent fishes that have scales and relatively small or tiny. Still 6 meals a day. He can handle eating utensils pretty well. Eating by himself at playschool but at home, he insists Mom to feed him for lunch and dinner most of the time.

Last year, when Austin was 3 years old, he told me "Austin is 3 years old, Mommy feeds you still. When 4 years old, Austin will eat by himself."

Early this year when I reminded him that he had turned 4 (by year born), he answered "Austin is 4 years old, Mommy still feeds. When 5 years old, (I) will eat myself."

Almost non stop unless when he is too engrossed with new things that demand him to focus. Sometimes, he can mumble or sing and play at the same time. If you want him to follow your way, it's better you justify. He buys sensible reasonings that impact him the most e.g. his precious 20 milk teeth or number stuff. Includes lots of 'because' in his sentences to explain results or consequences. Or perhaps we bombard him with too many why-s.

A few of inspiring sentences he made lately.
"Daddy, you're tall. You may hit the roof!"
"Mommy, can you please mop the floor so that Daddy (doesn't have to get up and) can sit with me?"
"I have 18+2 milk teeth"

Learning Bahasa & Manglish (Malaysian-English)
To my surprise, Austin grasps Bahasa pretty well though the phonics are composed of English syllables.

One evening after dinner...
Dad: Austin, what did you learn in your Bahasa class?
Austin: Ayam gemuk. (Fat hen)

Not only Bahasa, Austin can also converse pretty well in Chinese. If you speak to him in Chinese, he is likely to reply the same though possibly mix with a word or two of English in a sentence.

Not to mention English, he is kind of fluent, to the extend of adding an ending of 'la' or 'ma' (e.g. I like this 'ma'.., do it this way 'la'..) especially when he caught us red-handed of 'practicing' it. He did it on purpose to fish your attention.
Did you notice, there is a ‘6’ composed out from all kind of letters?

First written word
His name - Austin. A couple months ago, Austin has began to write diligently. They were only numbers though i.e. 0, 1, 2, 3 to 9. Practically, he can compose any amount that are made of these numbers :). As we welcomed the new year of 2014, he surprised us with his first written word - Austin!!
Putting him on arithmetic test, though the pencil strokes answer were pretty light!

How Come?
We noticed this is the way he is asking WHY.
How come this got hole? He was referring to a tiny U shaped neck rest pillow with an opening in the middle.

Guessing game, Playing riddle?
Good and getting better. He can ask tough ones sometimes, leaving me to scratch my head. Then, he impatiently would share the answer almost instantaneously.

Austin: What is that thing that start with letter W under the table?
Mom: ???
Austin: Wire

Austin: What is the shape that start 'H' have 6 sides?
Mom: Hexagon!
Austin: (grinning)

First recorded 'whether'
Austin: I have 18 places to land on. Mommy..can you go and check whether you have any places to land on?
(Austin is referring to the yellow alphabets on his favorite alphabet plate, while the purple alphabets belong to Mom. So, if the plate has 8 purple alphabets, it would mean Mom has 8 places to land on)

Snacks - durian puff from Taste Better.
Fruits - banana, kiwi, orange & almost everything except passion fruit & cherry.
Cereals - cheerio, cheerios and more cheerios. He even told me that he wants it with milk like the picture on the box!
Color - yellow because Agent 6 in Numberjacks show is yellow.
Number - 6 & 5 because Austin is a double agent, of both his favorite.
Playstuff - 1. Making 3D numbers with Mega Bloks. 2. Orange alphabet plate. Never try to swap, reshuffle or rearrange, I must warn you that he'd get mad and scream.
3. Writing, drawing & coloring.
Song: a free concert at times. In fact, he loves to sing all variety of tunes e.g. Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars, Row Row A Boat and Jingle Bells.

Red bean soup. Green bean soup.
Spicy foodstuff - he would scream " want to drink water."
Imperfect number of teeth means less than 20. Yellow, chipped or stained teeth.
Secretive door stoppers - green C and pink C.

Watching Austin growing up is one of the best gifts from God. I know life is not a bed of roses, anyway I don't expect that. I am planting a seed in a wild garden, watching him grows bring lots of joy, hopefully soon would be bearing fruits and serving his neighbors. May God Bless.



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