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Every night, we have a little prayer followed by well-wishing to one another, before calling it a day. Two nights ago after my turn, Austin spoke..

"Day 1 God created sun and stars (My mind: Mmmm..)
 Day 2 God created heaven (My mind:!)

 Day 3 God created earth & trees (My mind: It seems he is getting it right!) 

 Day 4 God created bedroom... (My mind: Oh dear!)
 Day 5 God created curtain & wardrobe (My mind: OMG!)
 Day 6 God created bed & cribs (My mind: what's in his mind?)

 Day 7 God rested & sleeps."


It was truly a surprise, I was stunned. This little man had inspired to diligently read more of His words! 
May God bless!

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