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For the past 2-3 months, Austin demonstrated a leap in writing and drawing. From someone who used to grab pencil, he managed to manipulate his fine motor skill up to the extent of gripping the pencil whereby the tip of thumb and index fingers are touching one another.  To our surprise indeed. We had never expected that he’d love to write and draw so much as if he was born to write or draw. Equipping with a pencil on any paper surface, he scribbles non stop for hours. Yes, he does that. In the evening after returning home from playschool or as soon as he wakes up in the morning on weekends.

Austin asked me to give him spelling..hence below was the result..(19 May)


In the mood of writing, he insisted to complete 1 to 100 before taking his dinner (14 May).


Do you notice the numbers in the cars, they represent his secret agents. Remember, he assigned all the folks he knows with a number each. What’s yours?



Austin’s happy family..


Apples on the tree!


Austin: You see this is my house (as he pointed to right image)
And my house when it is broken (as he pointed to the left image). –(15 May)

When you bring Austin to a Vietnamese…see #1 is Pho! (hahaha) – 27 April

Happy Father’s Day! (prepared a month ahead, on 9 May)