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Dear Austin,

Hard to believe, mommy is seriously learning how to play castanets for first time too! Offered as parts and pieces from the Musical Band Set, momma decided to introduce you the castanets. First amongst all. They are small, almost like your palm size (larger actually), round in shape, pretty safe and simple for you to handle. Moreover, we observe that you like stretching your tiny fingers. Perhaps, these are meant for you to start with.
Two pairs of wooden castanets
Guess what? Mommy had to google in order to learn before teaching you how to play with castanets in the best manner, hoping that we do not spoil the beauty of their rhythms :)  
Kid holds castanets
Macho on the left, hembra on the right, you did try :). Tapping two pairs of our castanets are really wonderful! Clicks, clicks..and clicks, you smiled watching mommy dancing with them! 


What is castanet? Learn here.
Step by step, learning how to play castanets here.


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