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Baby Health Care in Malaysia

HappyBaby2Baby health care is a crucial subject. When you’re expecting, pregnancy health care is important. It continues after birth. The next thing in mind is a plan of the baby's health care. How do we want to manage it? Who is the pediatrician to engage? How frequent check-up has to be? What is the budget? If you are someone who is well versed in this subject, baby's development milestones and behavioral progress, perhaps minimal visits are sufficient. For parents who live with hectic lifestyle, regular check-ups will help to make sure the baby is a healthy and a happy child.
Opting for the best pediatrician in town may not be a great thing. Typically, the baby's first visit is a week old. Coping with jaundice level goes beyond the safe window, your child may need to make more visit for blood test, photo therapy or treatment. Squeeze with a pack of other children, inconvenience road trip especially the doctor's clinic that is far from where you live and you have to foot out for the expensive bills. All these are unpleasant experience.

Baby Health Care Centre

You may then consider public health center - Klinik Ibu dan Anak (Child & Mom Clinic). Managed under Ministry of Health (MOH), this is a public service offered to all children that live in Malaysia at no cost. These kind of clinics are typically operated within your neighborhood. Whether you delivered your child in government or private hospital, your child's and your particulars such as name, address are transmitted to MOH. During confinement, the community nurses from MOH will make regular visits to ensure you and your child have sufficient health care support, throughout public holidays or weekends, rain or shine, according to their schedule. Brilliant, right? For cases with jaundice, you can opt for the blood sample to be collected and tested at this health center instead of making trips to hospital. Same thing goes for children immunization schedule shots, the clinic provides all the compulsory jabs at no cost.

Some other services that are provided by Klinik Ibu & Anak in Malaysia:
Pregnancy Health Care - They have experienced matrons, midwives, nurses and visiting doctors for pre-natal check-ups.
If you have doubt that nurses are less qualified, then let me tell you about my personal account. In United States, my regular pre-natal check-ups were attended by nurses and medical assistants most of the time. They monitored my blood pressure, did my urine test, checked my belly, took fundal height, up to prescribing pre-natal vitamins in addition to providing pre-natal consultation such as the do & don't during pregnancy. I only had face to face sessions with my OB doctor and did ultrasound scan, in total less than three times! And, we were pleased with the pre-natal experience. Both Austin and I turn out great with God's blessing. 

Post partum Care - treatment for mothers after delivery, includes family planning and annual pap smear test.

Breastfeeding support - they support WHO's recommendation to only feed infants with breast milk during the first 6 months and continue supplementing until the child reaches 2 years old. So, if you need breastfeeding support and have nowhere to turn to, this is the first organization you can approach.

Have you visited any of these government clinics or health care centers? What is your opinion? Share with us, the parents who are keen to know more about this program.


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