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Dear Bro Austin,

My mommy whom you call YiYi showed me your website recently. I was really impressed and since then harbored a thought of writing to you.

Toddler Sweeps Floor
You see, I have just turned 18 months recently. Mommy said I’m no longer a baby. In fact, she treated me like a big boy ever since I turned one. I remember she also smacked my hand when I recently play near the stove! Ouch, my mommy sometimes forgotten that we kids love to explore around :)

Hmm..Austin if you ask me, I also prefer to be independent. I want to show mommy and daddy that I’m capable of ‘feeding’ and ‘bathing’ on my own. That is why whenever mommy feeds me, I would insist on having my own spoon. Now, I am able to dip my spoon into the porridge, almost bringing it right up into my mouth. But mommy complaint that I’m a messy and slow eater. Well, one day I’m going to prove her otherwise. Let’s wait and see!

Besides that, I also enjoy my time at the pool just like you. This pool of mine is much smaller, but I have my own bucket and I am able to pour some water onto myself. In fact, I think I’m able to bath on my own now ;)

Toddler with Broom Do you know that playing a real ‘hide and seek’ is fun? You see, my parents have a big wardrobe with three sliding doors. I love this feature where I can push the doors, left to right and right to left. Recently, I discovered that I can hide myself behind these doors :D. You see, I have mastered the magic of ‘disappearing’ behind the wardrobe cabinet. First, I push to open the sliding door, get myself up into the cabinet and close the door, ta-da! Then, I heard mommy calling my name. Aha, she couldn’t see me! Well Austin, if you come to my house, I will show you the magic!

Recently, daddy brings me down to garden quite often. As you know, we are living in a high-rise apartment. When returning to our floor, I walk on my own out from lift door to our home. I have no problem to identify our apartment unit. Upon arriving at door,  I would shake the door, pestering daddy to unlock the iron gate. Yes, I think daddy was surprised as I could see glitter in his eyes! Ha..ha..ha..ha!

Last week, mommy said Chinese New Year is coming. I thought I could ‘lighten’ her burden if I did my share of chores. I have started ‘sweeping the floor’ and did some vacuuming. Don’t believe me? Check out my photos.

OK, I got to go back to spring cleaning. Till next sharing, bye Austin.



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