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Dear Gracy,

Yes, you are right.. I can't swallow much now. Last two days ago, I'd started to have a mild morning sickness. It was all about gas. Nothing came out except gas. I learned from our pre-natal counseling that pregnant women tends to have indigestion. Our gut activity is slowing down and occasionally mild cramp at lower abdomen. Our womb is expanding and some organs are being pushed as days go.

We are going for a check-up and at the same time collecting my blood test result this Monday. We will fly on Tuesday. Everything seems going so fast now :D
Duval Road Austin St Marin Apt Swimming Pool
Today, I started going back to gym. I went for a slow walk on treadmill about 20 minutes also, hope it help me getting use to traveling before our long journey half way round the globe. We are thinking of packing some food on plane, in case I might be hungry every 2-3 hours.

Going to see you real soon!

Love, Cici


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