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Home TRAVELING Outing Bag for Baby – Packing & Checklist for Outing with Kid

Some  parents practice packing a diaper bag ever ready. After each outing, they always top up what were used up to keep the account tally, perfect and sound.
In our case, we do not rely on a single diaper bag. Depending on our activity, we swap from sling over shoulders, hand carry to knapsack. Hence we build a checklist for things that we should not leave home without. In a nutshell, they are hygiene/emergency stuff on top of the crucial thingy that Austin can't live without in a day!

Diapers – a lot of them!
Clothing – 3 to 4 pairs with all varieties depends on activity/season/destination, mostly two pieces for easy match and go.
Shoes (for toddler) & Socks – comfortable pairs and a set of back-up.
Ergo Carrier - happy room!
Drinking Water – plenty to keep hydrated (after 6 mo old for breastfeeding baby).
Hot water in 500 ml flask – where source is expected to be scarce (after starting solid).
Sarong – comes handy for in most cases, works as changing station, blanket, sun shade, towel, sling carrier (backup).
Traditional cotton nappy (lampin) – never underestimate this light and dry fast fabric, they are wonders to be (big) hanky, bandage, bandana, (little) towel (for big kids too).
Food & Supplies (after starting solid food) – includes spoons, small container to make our baby food, fruits, biscuits (biscotti), Holle millet/oat. Most of the times, we offer Austin the big kids' meals unless not suitable/he refuses.
Toys - Tiny love arch to keep Austin occupied on the road.
Wet Wipes – whenever and wherever dirt and germs are compromised.
Hand sanitizer – in case there is no soap/water supply.
Swiss knife – good to have for an Inspector Gadget’s kind of dad.
First Aid Kit/medication - good to spare paracetamol (fever reliever/painkiller), diaper rash cream (infant), antibiotic ointment and some band aids (toddler).
Battery operated insect repellent – for walks into wilderness.
Hat/Umbrella/Sunblock - rain or shine, we are ready for tropical adventures.
Thrash bags – at least a couple. To contain the ‘precious’ specimen that have to be sealed tight. These days, our little buddy’s poo stinks as much as the big kids’ output.
Smart phone – reserve to play educational show during unhappy hours or emergency! Screaming for screening or screening for screaming :)
Camera – a must!

Do you notice, I left out milk? Oh, the endless supply is hanging on me ;)
Anything else that I miss out?


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