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Gear up and get set for an adventurous holiday in Bali for kids? Then, you deserve this post to uncover some ugly truths that perhaps may not come across your mind. Unlike the city or suburb that you live, Bali isn't that outback however neither it is too advanced. Hence, there are lots of grey stuff to make judgment calls before departing for your vacation in Bali with children.
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1.    Drinking water & foods.
Ultimate must have every day, decent drinking water is certainly something we have to place attention. No parents want to have a holiday and a sick child. For inexpensive source of drinking water, drop by Mini mart or K-Circle. These are their convenience stores. Apparently, things in K-Circle are slightly cheaper. Be wary of street foods. It might not be a good idea for young kids to try but restaurants that greet Caucasians or tourists are usually okay. We stuffed our luggage with raisins, fruits, cookies and instant rice to be reserved in case decent food is scarce for our little one!

2.    Daily essentials.
Diapers, formula milks, vitamins, insect spray or even wipes, all these are luxury stuff for Balinese. Hence, do not expect to find your favorite brands in Bali. Best if you can bring your home stocks especially if you baby is particular or sensitive.

3.    Transportation.
Sucks is perhaps not a cool word but it is the most accurate one to describe their public transport. If you have an international driving license, you can opt to drive your family on the island. Even if you don't, you still can drive around. Nobody is likely to stop you. Our driver told us, nothing will go wrong when you drive on the roads until you're involved in an accident. GPS might not be your best friend because the dirt one lane roads are also valid roads particularly in remote areas.
Alternatively, you can group up with others on a bus load with little flexibility if you're on shoes string budget. For parents that are less adventurous and greed for convenience, then hire a driver. We paid Rp 890k for 2 days (total of 22-23 hours) to get around and this cost was inclusive of gasoline and parking fees. Entrance fees are excluded but you can pick your destinations as long as they are on the island of Bali!

4.    Car Seat & Stroller.
We flew in our own car seat and stroller. Apparently, we were not the only odds. Strollers are commonly seen on the streets in Kuta, Legian and even Ubud. Though most walkways are narrow and not that baby friendly, 30-40% of the tourist population dominated by Australians are walking everywhere in Kuta, Legian or even Ubud with strollers. Pretty okay and the beach stretch from Legian beach to Kuta Beach (near Hard Rock & Beach Walk Mall) until downtown. Wide road edge, well maintained for strollers or wheels. Nevertheless, most temples and tourist attractions are not stroller friendly because staircase was a significant piece in the ancient architecture. So, you may want to consider baby carrier.

Car seat is not something common in Bali. My advice - BYO ;). Our driver told us that he would rather spend the money for food rather than on a car seat. If safety is your priority, check in with your luggage. Road safety is slacking hence
don't be surprise to see 2 adults with 3 children on one pathetic motorcycle and none of them has a helmet. 

5.    Inexpensive toys.
For young kids, they always need probes to be entertained. You may found there are lots of things to do for kids in Bali. Bali attractions for kids such as Waterbom Water Park and Bali Tree Top. Well, those are certainly great for bigger kids but how about preschoolers or toddlers? We found that balloons, playing cards, drinking straws, play-dough, crayons and sketch pads are good options. They are light, tiny, disposable and can be used in various ways. And, you are not oblige to bring them home!

Happy holidays!













p.s. Reserve some cash for departure tax before heading to immigration gate. It cost us Rp 450 k each. Pay or you don’t get to leave the country :)


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