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I love holidays. We are Malaysians, we celebrate all kinds of festivities. Particularly Eid Mubarak or 'Hari Raya Puasa' break, I like it the best above all because it usually extends to a long weekend therefore we could join the crowd to 'balik kampung' (going back to hometown) minus the tedious festivity preparation.

Since Austin was born, we've never missed our annual 'balik kampung' trip. Lucky for us, our 'kampung' is in the south of where we live. Thus departing from north of Peninsular gives us the advantage of going anti-traffic! Adding to the fun, we always have a couple of chats with 'pakcik' and 'makcik' at the pit stop along North-South Highway. Whenever they asked us, "Balik mana?". We would nonchalantly answer "KL!". Without thinking twice - that's exactly the destination we are heading to before Syawal so it makes sense that we are merely urban rats.

This year, there was a detour. Instead of heading 'home' straight away, we decided to drop by at IKEA – Ikano Power Centre/The Curve. In the craze of IKEA's meatballs, I kept repeating meatballs to my Austin's Daddy maybe over hundreds times along the way. I must had it no matter what. So, as soon as we stepped into IKEA, we went straight to the restaurant. Beating the usual lunch hours, queue was short and in less than 10 minutes, I ordered for 15 meatballs. Yummy! It however took us an hour to complete our lunch since we enjoyed watching Austin biting and chewing every little bit of Jacob's biscuits. Yum..yum...yum!

With less than 2 hours to shop at IKEA, we managed to grab some discounted planks for shelving, kitchen stuff and a set of 4-tiers drawer. Bookshelves were in our list but they were too large to be carried by car. We need a truck at least to do the job.

Before checking out, we browsed through children section. Apparently, there are new arrivals on stuffed toys compared to our last visit. Austin couldn't wait to touch everywhere. Running late, so we just picked up a pair of hand puppets for Austin and his cousin - Mika. Hope they are going to have massive fun with the clowns!


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