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Modern parents are constantly searching for the newest, the hottest playthings for their kids. New action figures, new dolls, new DVDs, the bottom line is new playthings. Why? To keep their children occupied and distracted instead of bugging the parents. Alas, I found the rule of nature doesn't work this way. The more I play with Austin, the more preoccupied he would be, thus giving me more than ample personal space. 

Our recent crush is toying with play dough. Both Austin and I fall in love with it. Instead of mixing flour and water, we got a few jars of modeling compound - Play Doh from Toy R Us. To my surprise, they were inexpensive about RM4.5 (US$1.50) each. You may also find cookie cutters, shredder, chopper and all kind of tools to go with Play Doh on the same aisle however, these little kits are expensive. Looking for frugal option, we went over to Daiso to shop for the real cookie cutters, rolling pins and kitchen accessories! Another good place to consider is Mr DIY stores. I heard lots of good stuff but yet explore. For an authentic touch or free stuff, look for sea shells, pebbles and pine cones.

You'd certainly agree, play dough is  a play that we can hardly get bored of. Squishy, squashy. Yes, it is certainly fun!! From a simple modeling compound, we made plenty of artistic figurines, objects and making unique 'toys' of the play. Play dough has been around since mid 1950-s and it survives through all the seasons. So, I believe it must has done lots of wonders.

Benefits of Play Dough

Aiding Fine Motor Skills.
When it comes to rolling, squeezing, pressing or even poking, little ones have ample opportunities to practice tiny muscles that helps them moving on to hold utensil, pencil and scissors.

Unleash the power of imagination/creativity.
Messing with play dough is an open-ended play. From pretend play, baking buns to creating new toys, play dough works like magic to build a dream world.

Expressing Emotion.
Like any other artistic work, play dough also provides a platform to the children's express emotion through the output of their creations! So, don't just glance but ask, pay attention to the reasons behind their creative works.

Motion therapy.
Coping with development or hitting milestone at times can be stressful to kids. Exercising fingers has been found to produce calming and soothing effect. Not only for Austin, it works for me too. So parents, if you happen to bring the office stress home, play play dough with your children. It is amazing. Dwell in it as it helps you!

The more play a child has, the more a child learns. Exploring, discovering how to create shapes, count, build words, relationship, it covers literacy, science and beyond. Only sky is the limit when it comes to toying with play dough.

Communication & Interaction.
Similar to pretend play, play dough can be played alone or in a group. Sharing, cooperating with peers comes into picture and the children learns to play their roles and living skills.

Inexpensive and Timeless.
Besides being highly flexible, play dough is an inexpensive play. Mixing wheat flour and water, you can even make it at home. The children are likely to toy for many years to come.


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