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Honestly, I can resist when it comes to pretty clothes or nice shoes, but I couldn't when it comes to crazy deals on great picture books for children. As if that I have never had enough when I was young, I wanted every good books that I saw on the shelves.
Our recent trip to KLCC Book Festival in August brought home over 30 books for RM205 (US$63). Organized by Popular Book Store, they charged an entrance fee of RM2.50 per person excluded young children & senior citizens.

Priced as low as RM5 for a hard cover Dr Seuss variety such as Cat In The Hat, Wacky Wednesday, ABC, do you think any parent can say no to literacy?
Dr Seuss is one of my favorite authors. Offering great picture books for kids, they are creative and whimsical. Though the illustration may not be as good as some other artists, the words are both intimidating and inspiring. He placed lots of emphasize on repetitions thus kids get to practice using a word many times in different situations as they read on. Austin and I had started to read Wacky Wednesday and guess what? Austin was astonished, trying to understand why things are wacky and quirky. If you wish to introduce alphabets to young children, look for Dr Seuss' ABC - this book shares an interesting approach to learn letters. And for Austin, this is a good revision book.
Peter & Jane Key Words series were sold at RM7.50. British oriented, the series introduces vocabulary in gradual manner and phonics as well. We grabbed 3a & 3b. Apparently, Austin can read Peter & Jane 3a - 'Things We Like' without assistance. At 34 mo, it seems there is no word that he can't pronounce. If you're to ask me whether he understands completely, I guess he is getting there. Unlike several months before, these days he also pays attention to the picture that come with it. Hence, I sometimes do a few simple tests e.g. Where is Pat? (Pat is a dog), what color is the bucket? How many people are at the beach?
I bought 'Quack Quack Come Back' at RM15 because Austin knows how to sing this song. Though the words are pretty simple for him, it would be good to have a book of his favorite rhyme.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle is one of the best picture books for children. I had been wanting to purchase but the price stopped me. At RM10, I grabbed without second thought.
Influenced by American reading program, I also took up 2 boxes of Clifford - The Big Red Dog Pack 2 & Pack 3, so that Austin would have alternatives to spice up on top of the traditional picture books for kids.
As much as we are trying to get rid of baby's stuff, we're certainly accumulating more. In light of stacking more books, hopefully we are working towards a heap of knowledge ;). Happy reading!