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For parents, the first few years are the precious moments. Indeed, it is. Austin has brought us an abundance of joy since he moved in to live with us. Hard to believe, three years had turned a tiny helpless baby to a running, jumping, giggling boy that plays non stop as long as his eyes are wide open.
As we welcome October this year, Austin had been presenting us several times of his mega block designed of birthday cake, came with 3 candles then invited us to sing birthday song together before serving us the cake he 'made' and everyone had to pretend munching. Enough of hinting, Austin in the end decided to ask for a square birthday cake.

Amazingly, I made 2 birthday cakes for Austin this year. First was butter cake layered with blueberry spread. Outer layer was purely Nutella - chocolate hazel nut spread. Walled up with colorful O's, they were sourced from Kellogg's - naturally colored Froot Loops. The only disadvantage of this brand over Nestle's Cheerio’s is sugar coated, making them overwhelmingly sweeter than other variety of cereals and alike. If possible, I would recommend for sugar free cake since both Nutella and Kellogg's O are already saturated with sugar. Also it is great to combine with non-sugar added blueberry spread. Love shape was carved with heart shape cookies cutter on a slice of Cheddar cheese from frozen aisle. This masterpiece was presented a day earlier, celebrated with his peers at play school.

The second of my birthday cakes for boys was a chocolate moist. Dedicated to my big kid and little kid, I placed thin wafers from Loacker (bite size milk) diagonally to wall up the square chocolate moist cake. Small hearts were carved out from Cheddar cheese spread and placed at the corners topped with fresh strawberries. Same for two circles, they made faces of Agent 4 (big kid a.k.a. Daddy) and Agent 6 (little kid a.k.a. Austin), at which was designed with Nutella spread,  squeezing through a tiny opening cut at the edge of a zip lock bag.
To wrap up birthday cakes for boys this year, the later was served on the following day to the two men I love!

p.s. If you’re curious to find out how Austin is doing at 3 years old, read here :)


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