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Austin loves to sketch numbers, 3-D cars and endless inanimate objects. Honestly, I seldom see Austin drawing natures although his momma is a nature lover who always promote outdoor activities with the intention to share the spirit of loving our environment. And to my surprise, some time in May this year, Austin drew a pretty decent card for a girl (on his friend's baby sister birthday). I didn't give much ideas, except requesting for something that perhaps girls would like. He opted to draw some flowers with a rainbow on the background. Neat. Pretty.
Birthday card for a little girl
Speaking of passion, it is hard to 'influence'. That's what I encountered with Austin. 
A boy drawing rainbow
Giving him a blank paper, Austin is certainly capable of filling up within minutes - all with his wild ideas with number scattering everywhere. I can guarantee in the next 5 minutes, he would be asking for another piece of blank paper. Again, with numbers perhaps in 3-D this time. In fact, I would say his imagination of numbers world includes the scenes where numbers do smiles, got eyes, could talk to each other, hopping from one place to another.

Recently, he is going nuts with cars, and here it goes - cars of all sizes and shapes and 3-D. Yes, 3-Dimensional. 

If I were to say imagine a 3-D car that can move, I doubt below is what you'd imagined...haha..a trick.
Car Birthday Card
Birthday card with car that can move
Yeah, and more cars..and they really can vroom, vroom...vroom! This little boy is in love with cars, even for my birthday card this year, he drew cars!

Don't forget, he told me when he grows up he wants to be a car designer. Before he can make money with real cars, he is learning to exercise his passion in sketching more and more cars, makes them move on papers before switching to real toys. Practise makes perfect. Yeah!
Blue Car
p.s. I didn't know where or how did he get the idea of putting 'HEB'. Not from Mom, neither from Dad.

A dream starts from a sketch on a blank paper :)

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