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Believe it or not, I was 'forced' to know Borlotti beans when my weekly vegetable delivery was offered with a packet of them. To me, they look like a size larger than Edamane, except the shell is tan-colored streaks with magenta or maroon. Same goes for the beans, they are oval shaped of hazel-nut colored that are splashed with magenta.
Borlotti Beans or Cranberry Beans
Also know as Roman bean or Cranberry bean, the next question that jumped out from my mind was "What I shall I do with a bag of Borlotti beans?"Googling only helped after Mag told me its name. Aha, looks like I have a long list of Borlotti beans recipe to experiment!

A few friends shared that they are good to be made soup hence I decided to give it a try.High in calcium and iron, looks like I have to cook Borlotti beans more often for young ones (me included ;)! Taste wise, not far differs from groundnut hence they are good to be made into soup with chicken or pork.
Colorful Borlotti Beans Soup

If you're looking for a wholesome, easy to prepare and a colorful Borlotti beans soup recipe for kids, this post is unlikely to disappoint you.

1 medium size onion - cubed
1 medium size potato - bite sizes
1/2 cup carrot - chopped into bite sizes
1/2 cup Borlotti beans - shelled
1/4 cup corn
1/2 lbs of  pork ribs
4 cups of water
a few leaves of coriander leaves - for garnishing
salt to taste

1. Place carrot, potato, borlotti beans, corn and water into the container of pressure cooker.
2. Set to cook for 1 minute.
3. De pressurize & open the lid.
4. Bland pork ribs, then place into soup. Add onion.
5. Close the lid & set to cook using 'Soup & Tendon' mode.
6. Once it is cooked, dash some salts to taste.
7. Scoop out into a bowl, garnish with coriander leaves. Viola!

Alternatively, you may cook by conventional way, on hot place or gas stove like a typical soup variety.
Happy cooking for a happy family!


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