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The recent Penang World Musical Festival 2012 certainly brought many strangers to get to know Botanical Garden Penang better. Yes, that was a world class event whereby the music lovers flocks. Open air set-up, the stage stood amidst of the well landscape garden blending the music from nature. And yes, that platform where the world musicians were performing was a temporarily stage. Do you know there is a permanent musical stage within the garden itself?
Botanical Garden Penang is not a strange place to us. God knows how often we have been visiting, how much fresh air that we have inhaled from this green lung, how many foot steps we left on its terrain getting up to Penang Hill in the good old days. However, we never noticed this stage until recently. Thanks to Austin for being adventurous, he discovered this spot by incidental during one of our routine walks within this sanctuary. 
Elevated slightly, this musical stage stands on a tiny hill. Just a stone throw from The Bandstand - the  historical and most iconic landmarks of Botanical Garden Penang, this musical stage can hardly be missed from the paved loop, before the left junction to restroom. Flat on the summit, this beautiful lawn was constructed in a round geometry, spacing the green with stone pieces. Indeed unique and charming. Perhaps the horticulturist was inspired by iPod Shuffle while drawing out the design :D
This is latest indulgence spot for Austin. In fact, his favorite playground. He can spend an hour hiking up and down the slope, alternating with the stone staircase. Or going around, circling the musical stage, crossing the green 'streams'. Like a camel, he didn't take water despite drenching in sweat. Guess Austin had just found a perfect place to practice hiking! (and his parents may go jogging at Botanical Garden Penang more often to shed extra calories :P)


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