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Email to my world best sister - Gracy. Our family is overwhelmed with receiving double happiness in a year! Gracy is also expecting, EDD 7/1.

Hi Gracy,

I can't wait to tell you. We went for the first pre-natal check today and I did an ultrasound scan. Both the sonographer and the doctor found a tiny embryo, precisely implanted on the wall of my womb. We are relief and extremely happy to hear that. The size of embryo is about 2mm and the doctor found the heart beat too. A tiny spot, we saw it blinking consistently on the screen, that is my baby! What a beautiful experience!

Well, I was prescribed for a prenatal multivitamin which is one tablet a day for everything an expectant mom needs. The nurse, Tanya from Dr Merritt's office is very friendly and supportive. She spent about an hour to walk us through the long list of do and don't about pregnancy. She also encourage me going back to gym and do mild exercise e.g. walking or stationary biking. I told her that we plan for a long flight to Asia in a week time. She reassured me that is alright as long as I take plenty of water and walk every 2 hours during the journey.

Most of my pants are pretty tight but I couldn't bother to buy any. I expect in a short while, I may not fit in them again :) For the time being, I am pretty dependent on my rubber-waist bottoms. Lucky that I have a tall stack of them and I can just pick.

Any recommendation about stretch mark cream? From your experience, what is the good one to start with?

I am going to approach an OB in Penang too. My expected due date is 10/15. The timing is just perfect for us. We hope to make the next home trip by mid August, before week 32. God has indeed made a wonderful plan for us.

How are you doing and Mika (going to be my nephew/niece)? Tell me more about Chinese New Year in KL. I really miss the CNY atmosphere in Malaysia. In Austin, the city is pretty quiet unless we head to Chinatown. In fact, we do not observe it as national holiday.

I can't wait to see you soon! Take great care.

Love, hugs and kisses,


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