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Breast Feeding Pillow

FB_SnogglePregnantPillowWhether it is a Boppy, C shaped or U shaped pillow, all these names refers to breast feeding pillow. I started playing attention to pillow when I was holding a baby bump. Despite the beginning at first trimester, I felt uncomfortable to sleep with both my legs touching each other. Moreover, it is best to sleep on side rather than on the back when you're pregnant. So, I went to get Snoogle Body Pillow from Burlington Coat Factory and it cost me around US$37, a discounted deal actually. However, it was a naked one, sold without breast feeding pillow covers.

I was very happy with Snoogle, as it offered a lot of comfort to lean on from head, neck, back and up to knees when the C-shaped curling along my spine. Basically, this Snoogle pillow was not something I would ever leave behind through my pregnancy. And how I wish it would continue serving us when I was breastfeeding however, it didn't in my situation. 

Since Austin was my first child, I felt more comfortable to nurse while sitting. That led us to purchase a U shaped pillow. Though Boppy is a reputable brand for this kind of nursing pillow, we ended up with Bumble Bee - an Asian brand that cost us around US$20 (RM60+). Unlike a typical pillow, this helps a lot to rest my arms and shoulders in particular while nursing. Though I suffered from wrist pain after Austin was born, I'd not want to imagine how bad it was going to be without this so-called 'Boppy' pillow. I was glad to own one. As Austin learned how to sit, we placed it around him as a guard, something for him to fall or lean on.

Image: Left – My Brest Friend, Right – U shaped nursing pillow

I guess we were lucky. My sister bought My Brest Friend nursing pillow for over US$50, giving to me when Austin turned 3 months old. At first I wasn't keen to use. After a few trials, I found that it was useful particularly during midnight feeding. The best thing about My Brest Friend nursing pillow is the baby can sleep on the pillow itself, so we do not have to transfer him to bed/crib. I like the support behind when the strap is buckled at which provides a little massage on my back. The strap allows me to move from one position to another for example from couch to bed without needing to wake up the little one. The small pocket is convenient for mother to keep burp clothes, bottles or even dummies. Since then, I had never gone back to the U shaped pillow though I am not sure if I am going to change my mind when the number two is coming :).

Though I believe these kinds are not breast feeding pillow for twins, they provide comfort to the arms and shoulders tremendously. Imagine without the breast feeding pillow, it is going to be very tiring for a mother to consciously hold an infant every 2 hours for about 15-30 minutes every session! Exhausting, right? If you're not sure which one works better for you, visit Babies R Us and any baby products outlet. I bet they carry both for you to compare. Though My Brest Friend nursing pillow is more expensive than Boppy variety, in my humble opinion it is worth as long as you and your child benefit from it. After all, we save pretty much serving breast milk compares to giving formula milk :). And, breast milk is the best food for infant!


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